Incubus Retrospective Photo Montages - Help the band!!

Hey guys - the band and I need your help.


We are in need of some photo montages that contain photo's from different period's of the bands career. Think mainly in terms of the albums - so what I need is montage's containing both live & candid photo's from the 'Fungus Amongus' era, S.C.I.E.N.C.E era, Make Yourself, Morning View, etc. etc. etc. - the montage's can be different lenth's of time, as short as 1-minute (with quick cuts or transitions) to 10 minutes - I think the longer the montage the slower the transitions & cuts can be. Also, if you're familiar with the "Ken Burns effect", we definitely like that - it's where a camera slowly pans / moves across a still photograph, so even though there's no animation, it still has movement to it. Apple's iMovie & other software packages has this effect pre-built in, so it's easy to accomplish.


If you guys are able to create some of these photo-montages for us, we would greatly appreciate it - I need them to be saved or exported to .avi format - and again, they MUST be based around a certain album or period of the bands career. We shouldn't have any photo's of dirk & ben together in the same montage because those represent different era's.


These will be used at the HQ Live on tv / video projection screens & during broadcasts to fill time between segments, so please help us out!





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I'm currently working on the Fungus Amongus era and cracking up at the fact that I was 5 years old when this album was released. A little kindergartner who had No clue who Incubus was ahahaha!

thanks guys :-)



My videos in .avi are way too large to upload here, so here they are in .3gp Hopefully you can convert them :)


Mia I like your video very very, is sooooo funny! ^_^   :D



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