I have never been fortunate enough to go see Incubus live. This is a major disappointment in my life. Lets all rally together and get them to go on tour cause they are as amazing as warm cocoa on a cold day, or the cherry on top of your ice cream! INCUBUS! I/so many others love you!!!!! Announce a tour soon... please. 



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I feel for you hun.  They are incredible live..I saw them twice but unfortunately missed this last tour  :(  I really hope that your dreams come true and they play at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado for you.   



I've been fortunate enough to see Incubus perform 3 times. I actually got to see them twice this past Summer. I cried at each show because it was so incredible lol. I would LOVE LOVE for them to go on a U.S tour again, and I hope you finally get a chance to see them perform. It's definitely a life changing experience!

Hey, guess what?  I just read on the internet today that INCUBUS maybe going on tour with LINCOLN PARK!  Didn't give a date,  but hopefully it will pan out and we can see these two bands together.  I think that would be awesome!  What do you think?

Well, I hear that's old news.....oh well, maybe another time!


hello dear all,

please anyone know about brazil incubus concert in dec13?

thank you!




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