Incubus Live Bootlegs Cancelled because of No Current Tour???

I realize that this will most likely get no response and is probably futile in posting here, but I made an account because I am beyond frustration.  It appears that TopSpin Media have decided to forego updating any more shows for Lifetime Members on Incubus Live Bootlegs.  I have watched the updates go from weekly to monthly to sporadic.  In a recent dialog with Eric DePauw of TopSpin Media on why no update has occurred since June the corporate response was as follows: "Unfortunately, because the band is not touring, we do not have any new shows to post to the site. Please check back on the site for more information on new shows if they become available."  So let it be that the 18 shows listed and not uploaded on the Incubus Live Bootleg site from 2011 will never be added.  If you were waiting for one of these (as I was - Shoreline Oct 9th, 2011) I am sorry because we are out of luck.  This atrocity combined with the Vote The Next Show fiasco really annoys myself as I paid for the membership to get certain shows.  If you were unaware, through communication with TopSpin I informed, as probably others have as well, that the Vote To Decide What Shows We Mix Next promotion never actually played any factor for TopSpin, they only went chronologically. My hope is that someone will see this and make it right for those people who have purchased a Lifetime Membership

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