Remember back in like 2004 when Incubus released some official bootlegs of a few shows? Yeah. Good times, right?

Let's say we were going to get something like that going again. Let's say there might be lot of recordings from the past tour we could use. How should they be released? What kind of awesome things could they be packaged with? Package deals?

Commune. Discuss. Explain. Share your crazy ideas, how much you'd be willing to pay for them, anything; we're listening.

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There absolutely needs to be a DVD of the tour, in the same vein of Look Alive. Get some soundcheck footage to go along with it, and it would be golden. Then, throw in a bonus disc of all the Incubus HQ Live stuff like the clinics, each night's performance, Ben's show, stuff from the tent, etc.

Also, the Mike/Tom Morello solos from SSLW MUST be included somehow.

It would also if people could pick from each show on the tour to download, if they want to relive the concert they went to, or listen to another they felt had a better setlist.

Yes! The HQ Live stuff would be really cool too.

I hope this time is a better sound quality album,the real deals!

If an official release consists of a "Best Of US Tour" rather than an actual show in its entirety, I suggest these songs make the list since they had the most memorable live renditions out of all the songs the band performed.

- Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song) (included 3 part harmony with Brandon, Mike, Ben at the end, rare treat for last shows of tour in California)

- A Certain Shade of Green (the band takes the song back to its original form)

- Pardon Me (extended intro)

- The Warmth (Ben made the bridge a lot more aggressive by revving up the 

distortion on his bass, Brandon and Ben harmonize the final chorus)

- Nice To Know You (with extended intro)

- Just A Phase (Mike and Brandon by themselves on most the song until band comes in towards the end)

- Are You In? (with segue way into The Doors' Riders On The Storm)

- Megalomaniac (new intro)

- Southern GIrl (rare encore treat for southern states only)

- Sick Sad Little World (featuring TOM MORELLO OF RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE!!!)

- Dig (The epic 2011 remix!)

- Isadore (Mike's guitar solo has much more punch in it when played live, Ben's bass parts are a lot more present, and Jose adjusts the dymanics  to the verse before the final chorus)

- In The Company of Wolves (Jose's drum playing at the start of the 2nd verse  reminiscent of a marching band, Mike playing the entire song on his electric)

- Switchblade (3 part harmony with Brandon, Mike, and Ben towards the end. Live rendition is an example of a song Mike alluded to in wishing they had recorded it differently on the new album)

- Tomorrow's Food (Jose and Ben come alive during the ending bridge and even Brandon plays percussion alongside the song, plus it is how every show has ended)

That sounds pretty rad actually. That would be stuck in my car's cd player forever. I would add Nowhere Fast with Kilmore doing the dreamy keys, and Talk Shows on Mute with the altered solo. 

I'd love to get the HQ sessions on a physical release : it'd be different from the band's previous releases (I mean the kind of gig : festival...).

Otherwise, guess it'd be difficult to get many physical releases, so it could be good to get some digital releases of some gigs, like one per continent/region.

I've initiated that debate back in the early times of this website:

I maintain a digital distribution in both FLAC and MP3 formats would be right. If you release all the shows, I assume the only way to handle a low-cost physical distribution would be a usb device or a data bluray containing all the shows.

Pressing every single show one by one on CD would be too expensive to produce.

Thanks for all the great feedback. Much appreciated. Cheers-Ren

I think it must be nice if Incubus can release each gig bootlegs officially because each gig has the different tension/atmosphere and it shouldn't be mixed as making the compilation. It's already been told but Linkin Park does these kind of thing, selling every gig digitally. Pearl Jam does it too and they actually selling the CD as well. In my opinion, I'd love to have the bootleg that I've attended and I can enjoy the whole gig. I was happy that Incubus released the official bootlegs in 2004. It was few gigs but still I could enjoy the whole gig even I haven't attended the one.

DVDs!!!! i want hard copies not digital..

Me too! DVD's!!!

I would buy any and all songs released on a bootleg series. I say the more concerts, the better.



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