Remember back in like 2004 when Incubus released some official bootlegs of a few shows? Yeah. Good times, right?

Let's say we were going to get something like that going again. Let's say there might be lot of recordings from the past tour we could use. How should they be released? What kind of awesome things could they be packaged with? Package deals?

Commune. Discuss. Explain. Share your crazy ideas, how much you'd be willing to pay for them, anything; we're listening.

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Digital download for the most recent tour would be great. Then you can have "your show" at little to no cost to the band. Plus less paper.

However, part of me loves having physical copies. So perhaps choose a few "highlights" from past tours and release them on disk, similar to the original MYF bootlegs. The Echoplex show, a stop on the 07 small theater tour, the Greek in 07 when they were accompanied by strings for the encore. Call it "from the archives" or something. If recordings even exist...if not it would be cool to choose one 2011 stop to be released on disk/vinyl.

Regardless I will be a happy camper with an open wallet.

i think the linkin park concert would be the most suitable... but being a die hard fan of the band, i definitely would want to get all these bootlegs especially their concert in manila...:D

but if it will be too much (to save some bandwith), i remember there used to be a site wherein you can request a show or two and then if request granted, the show/s will be up for a week(so you have one week to download them)and then when the week ends, another set of shows will follow...(maybe a poll every week on which show/s to release would be a great idea)

also i think it would be a great idea if it would be a combination of free stuff and some with price tags. at least for those who can't afford, they can still get it, while those who can afford can pay and contribute to MYF...but come to think of it, we are in the internet world already, in one way or another somebody (most likely from outside) would up the show on famous uploading sites... well just my two cents...

I think creating a compilation ala lollapalooza 03 would be best. Don't forget to release it on vinyl or I prolly won't buy it. Sorry but it's true.. :)

I would love to see an official Live album release. High quality live audio would be the hit, maybe 15 or so tracks. Only the best from the tour and not just a greatest hits tracklist. The CD could include a booklet full of live photos.

If entire shows were to be released, I like the idea of having one from each continent. One from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Pacific (hint, Wellington or Sydney!) and you could collect the whole set.

Or you could do a combo of the two and do compilation live albums from each continent. You could change up the setlists that way, which would make each one worth buying. In fact, I like this idea the best. Do it!

Same here. I would like a live album release too! That would be great!

I agree with those supporting an official live album from the tour. Personally, I would like to see something similar to
"Look Alive" with some stuff from outside the tour mixed with performances of songs from the tour. Also, I feel the stuff form the Incubus HQ live should be released on a disc set for each day. You could have that as one disc, and a live DVD as the other disc.

This is a great idea. One disc for each day from HQ Live (although this might take several discs OR just release it on Blu-ray - because those discs might have the capacity for all the content). OR condense just the Best of HQ on one disc. Then release something similar to 'Look Alive' covering INN,W?'s new material from their recent tour around the world. Leave out all the random stuff like on 'Look Alive' and jam as much as you can of live performances. Then include a bootleg audio disc of the best concert or just best versions of each of the new songs from INN,W? arranged in a random order. This disc could also just be an exact copy of the concert footage, but in audio form. I think this would be a worthwhile box set and I'd be willing to spend $30-40 (hopefully the price for the blu-ray box set?).

Since we're talking about 66 concerts and over 1200 tracks, my suggestion is (1) they pick "standout" concerts and put it into official bootleg cd's just like in 2004. (2) Those remaining concerts that they didn't pick, they should release it to the fans via download(at a rate?) because every fan would want to get hold of concert/s that they've seen in the tour especially for people outside US.

...Oh yeah i think they should release all concerts outside US and put it up for downloads. While for the US concerts maybe they can just handpicked those concerts that are standouts... PS I hope I didn't sound selfish with my suggestions lol, I'm just a big fan of this band and would want to relive their concert in Manila :D

I agree completely with this.  Just pick the best performances, let us vote on what songs we want to hear and put the best of them on an official dvd.  Then add a bunch of versions on the extras.  I think every HQ Live Performance should be on the DVD.  Well except INNW but I'm sure others would care.

 Great initiative. You should check out the official Pearl Jam bootlegs on Been enjoying their official bootlegs for years. $10,- a show would be a good price. Preferably mp3 format with a cd-cover you can download alongside the mp3's

I would like to see a combination of a more standard release with some of the more popular live shows/big cities coupled with a more unique set of releases for some other shows. To keep things interesting, a few of the shows or tracks should be harder to obtain. This benefits everyone.  Keeps interest in the band as some of us will be more than willing to try and 'collect' all of these releases.

Example purposes:  

Incubus Live in NY/LA/Chi 2011 similar to the 2004 offical bootleg release

If you purchase all of the 'standard' releases you unlock the ability to purchase Incubus Live in B.F.Egypt 

Some of the tracks or even shows will be alloted to the Incubus store. Purchase x amount, or purchase something period, you unlock the ability to purchase The Limited Incubus Live in ...

A couple of the shows/tracks allotted to interaction on IHQ

As for price, I'm willing to pay for them.  I am more than happy paying typical CD prices for each individual bootleg. I understand some aren't. I strongly feel they shouldn't be given away for free. Maybe a couple for free for promotion but 9.99 to 15 for the rest.  Now that I think about it even more, the crazy options might not be the best b/c it just gets confusing.  I will conclude my input in saying that the 2004 bootleg release was great to me.  Whether we simply purchase as they are released or purchase something else and get surprised ala old school cereal box toy style, I will be happy. 

I do think you should find a way to package things together; It helps move tshirt inventory.

Maybe release a complete 2011 box set?  All in all with my wordy babble, I just want them available on a physical copy with unique packaging.  If in this day and age that no longer makes financial sense, I will be sad.

I commented on this somewhere... maybe facebook. I would love another DVD. And it'd be really cool if it came with a VIP laminate from the tour, I would LOVE that! I'd expect to pay about $25 or so.



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