Remember back in like 2004 when Incubus released some official bootlegs of a few shows? Yeah. Good times, right?

Let's say we were going to get something like that going again. Let's say there might be lot of recordings from the past tour we could use. How should they be released? What kind of awesome things could they be packaged with? Package deals?

Commune. Discuss. Explain. Share your crazy ideas, how much you'd be willing to pay for them, anything; we're listening.

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I'd be willing to take them however I could get them. However, that being said, I'd prefer by show or song. Show definitely because it would be awesome to own something like that again. But however it gets released, I'd love to be part of it! :)


Incubus could do just like Linkin Park does.

Make each concert recording available for digital download with a price tag of $9.99.


I think it'd be awesome to do it by region, like for example ASIA (Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Phillipines). I would definitely want to hear the KOREA JISU ROCK VALLEY FESTIVAL show from last summer especially!!! :-)

I can imagine there is way too many logistical and monetary challenges in providing physical copies for ALL the shows, and since I know many of us would love to re-experience the shows we attended and knowing how awesome Incubus is live, your best bet is probably to offer individual shows digitally. On another note: I'd imagine it would be hard to just choose ONE show to sell physically, so a possible "Best Of" pulling remixes of songs like "Dig," and deep cuts on physical CD (and even cooler: a vinyl) would be AWESOME. And make it long!! Just one CD, or vinyl, would be a shame. Oh, and for price, I'm the wrong person to ask, I'd pay stupid amounts of money for Incumusic. I probably am not the best person to gauge that on... haha

i really wanted to make a ridiculously awesome contributing comment, where it was so profound that everyone kind of scratches their head and wonders "why didn't I think of that?!"

alas, i've got nothing. i got to my own joking thought of "put another album together and make them hand-deliver it to my home." but then i realized that airfare is way too expensive. and it's absurd as well.

you know what might be cool, though admittedly labor intensive? if people could do kind of the "dream setlist" idea, only in DVD format. like, people get to choose 20 videos, but not JUST performances. they could have random things inserted in, like favorite interviews or something. could also work for a CD, only cut the number from 20 to 15 or something similar. include some pretaped, adorable thank you's from the guys, and wham-o.

i don't know how much would go into labor, nor do i know how much it costs to press DVD's or CD's, but it would be pretty legit. i'd buy it.

Also, if there are physical releases for shows, I would only put out one show per tour, since Incubus tends to repeat their setlists with the exception of 2 or so songs that get switched out per night. Make that recording the official live album for the tour and put it out on cd and vinyl. It should also be the show that stands out among the rest. The best live recordings are ones with the best crowd participation, or best acoustics in the venue. Band performance is usually going to be solid every show, so the official physical release for a tour should be the one that takes the band's show to the next level. In terms of packaging, just fill it up with pictures of the band backstage and on stage. 

I agree with you as well, Christopher.  @ Debbie -  "Oh, as a BONUS we need some Surface to Air, Rebel Girls, and Hold Me Down.  Packaged with Brandon and Jose's art work and band PIC, both made on cloth so you could hand them on your wall." Fantastic idea!

I like Christopher Torres suggestions "The best live recordings are ones with the best crowd participation",  but it Must be  on DVD as well, they kick-ass live!  Love to see them rocking hard, dreads and hair flying!!!!  Maybe some backstage, everyday tour traveling, funny things, because i love their sense of humor.  I also loved their HQ Live Sessions (Punch Drunk) OMG!. DVD on a big HDTV... almost like being there, sweet!  Oh, as a BONUS we need some Surface to Air, Rebel Girls, and Hold Me Down.  Packaged with Brandon and Jose's art work and band PIC, both made on cloth so you could hang on your wall.  Love all their CD'S so they couldn't go wrong in choosing the music.   My kids think I'm crazy because I'm too old, but what can this old lady say? I LOVE ME SOME INCUBUS!!!!!!!!! 

Debbie! Don't ever say you're too old!  It's Incubus!  there is no age when it comes to Incubus - Brandon has even said so!  So, whatever Brandon says................

Amen to that!



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