So the idea was brought up and now its up!

I know a lot of people traveling from far away for these shows and we must have after parties or hang out after and go bar hopping and do all the Cool Vegas stuff haha!

Here we Shall keep in touch before the event and make sure that we come up with a place to meet and all that cool stuff. 

So! lets begin! :)

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Ok So Vegas is only about 2 months away! I haven't kept up haha But im all set for Bday Weekend in Vegas! with Incubus an all the HQ!

I will have a few extra tix... incase someone might need one. Only in vegas though..

Counting down!

and the count down begins!!

TAN TAN TAN!!!! I can't wait! its gonna be bombastic! Pre-party and After party Michy!

haha heck yea!!! im super excited. im leaving Friday morning, are you going to be in Vegas already?? im staying until Monday!! whooop.. but still trying to get that Saturday ticket man!

anyone have a sat ticket wanting to switch for a Friday show?? let me know!

I have 2 Sat. tics for sale, GA Floor for $65 a piece if anyone is interested!  I am going, I just have extras!

I should be in Vegas already by Friday morning. Im running into a bit of trouble with work schedules, without a doubt i would make it to the shows. I think i might have some extra ones for Saturday... but i wont find out till early May. Ill let you know for sure though. :)

im getting there friday moring!! have we exchanged info'?? my draw something friiend hehehe

We haven't exchanged info but we should. How about I message you my info.. cuz it would take light years to do it on Draw something haha

Hey People I gonna stay in vegas since May 23 so... Let me know in wich hotel you gonna booking ... I probably Have to buy a ticket for my brother ... for 25th so.. let me know if any of you gonna sell one ..

Im Staying at the Hilton (LVH) On Paradise.. maybe we cna meet up somewhere



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