So the idea was brought up and now its up!

I know a lot of people traveling from far away for these shows and we must have after parties or hang out after and go bar hopping and do all the Cool Vegas stuff haha!

Here we Shall keep in touch before the event and make sure that we come up with a place to meet and all that cool stuff. 

So! lets begin! :)

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ok Im totally In.... Maybe I have to win the lotery heheheh

You will win the casino money!

ok I'll bet all ..... Less Days People So Excited 

woooo!! vegas baby!

Carpool Michy! haha. We will find the way to get u there!

ok so whos going t

Ill be there! Its my birthday weekend and I got tickets for both nights!


I'm debating getting tickets for both nights. Do you think they'll play the same set twice? I already have tickets for the 26th, might as well get some for the 25th if I'm going to be there.

i have two tickets for friday, anyone have two tickets for sat and wanna switch one??? hehehe

so you should go both days Madison!!

:O You want to switch one of each? I might be down for that.

Im watching them both nights :) but i originally purchased tickets for saturday

Who cares if they play the same set? It will be awesome regardless! I saw them 3 times in a week back in October and it was almost the same set, they just switched up a song or two, but it was amazing!



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