Hello, I was just curious to know how many fans out there has Incubus inspired tattoos inked on their bodies? If you do, please let us know the story behind the tattoo, the symbolism, and how your body art has been viewed by others...If you have a photo, include it to your post so we all can enjoy :)

My tattoo symbolizes the tree of life, the dark-side being the roots tattooed in black, and the leaves on the tree being an earthy reddish tone.  I also took forestry, fish and wildlife management and I have a passion for being at one with nature, being a Virgo (mother earth sign) and a natural tree-hugger and protector of natural resources.  I included the lyrics from Warning: "I suggest we learn to love ourselves before it's made illegal" between the roots as a reminder to myself in moments of darkness that I have to put myself first above all other things (I am sometimes too empathetic) and it also serves as a reminder to those who are fortunate enough to see the tattoo to think about their lives and how they can also apply the message. 

I have always been a crow left of a murder. A leader of independence. A black sheep, I will eventually incorporate a crow in flight at some point.   The position of the tattoo being in the middle of my body symbolizes balance. The center of the earth where it all began. 


Andrea Gosselin

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i have the band name INCUBUS tattooed on my lower back in the same design as written on the album " A Crow Left of the Murder".  On the side at the beginning of the name i have a rose, also from the album cover, and at the end of the name, i have a heart with an eye in it from the "Light Grenades" album.  same that's on the back of the Incubus " Light Grenades" hoodie.  sorry, i can't upload a pic at this time, but you can ask Brandon about it....as i got to show it to him at his "From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss" book signing. :)  His first resposne: WOW!

awesome sauces Beth! that sounds great. What was his second response? :)   I'll try to upload a photo of mine in the near future, but it does extend from my ribcage to my upper leg. I'll have to figure out a creative way to conceal my womanly parts :)

Brandon is so super shy, and i was feeling that way too!  after he said "wow", the assistant told me to sit down with him, so i did.  i just started rambling off my prepared gibberish (ha) about how much i loved his book, and seeing him at another concert.  i'd already met him about 3 months earlier at a previous show.  it was just so awesome.  i was able to give him a birthday present, as i knew his birthday was 2 days away. so, i brought another gift to the book signing and gave to him wrapped in seafoam green paper. lol!  we got a pic together and "i understand why they say high school never ends!!!!  i figured maybe one of the several things i had given him he hopefully would like and keep and hopefully remember me.  Your tat sounds cool and you have a great story about it.  hope you get to show it off too, if you haven't. Cheers to "A Crow Left of the Murder" for inspiring our tats!

If I had the opportunity to get gifts like that, I would have a keepsake trunk or have some displayed on my walls! :)  that is awsome

I have many.......

cool....love the tv!!

This is one of many I have. This is just the outline, I have it colored it now. 

I dont have pics of the tattoos, but I also have these:

Brilliant artwork... :)

I absolutely love the tree branches

I have the line from Monuments and Melodies "My past is perilous, but each scar I bear sings, monuments to where I have been, and melodies to where I am going" tattooed on my arm, with the birds from A Crow Left of the Murder on either side of the quote. That quote has always been my favorite, because I've been thru some pretty bad stuff in my past, including a bout with cancer, but I believe everything I have been thru has made me the person I am today.

Finally, a photo.



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