I just wanted to share my experience in the past three days with IHQLive...


Whoa! there's no words to express that feeling when you watch and listen to your favorite band in the whole world...I felt goosebumbs all over my skin, to see them walking to the stage, waving and getting ready to rock our world!...I know I wasn't in that special and magic venue, but I was there...somehow...feeling the energy of 5 musicians and fans who adores them as much as i do, from my computer...


I felt so many things about IHQLive...and I felt sad for moments...to not be able to be there, but I felt happy that at least i could see them playing and joking like never before! thanks for such an amazing love for every single fan over the world!...you guys are making history in music!, I haven't seen any other movement like this in another band..but I'm glad that I'm experiencing with my favorite band ever!


I'm so thankful for the amazing work that all the crew in IHQ and IHQLive it's doing, to keep that amazing building alive for all of us all over the world!..and I'm thankful to Ren and the guys for taking Incubus to a very intimate and personal connection with their fans!...Your music was always personal for me..and now with IHQ and IHQLive you made a home for all of us who love this amazing band!


sorry if my words are messy!..but I feel and amazing feeling inside of me for you guys, and sometimes i have to express it and i don't care how it comes out!..but it comes from my heart that's for sure!


Thank you all!

thank you so much for this wonderful gift!


Caleb Escobar

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They share the most amazing energy with us all. I love that you feel this great by Incubus and music!! cheers!

The best part is that there are still 2 days to go!



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