May someone please explain how this works? I signed up for incubus hq live on thursday. I received an email that states "bring photo I.d. For entrance!" But I've been reading many discussions and now I'm confused as to what this event really is. Is it invite only? Signing up only puts you in a drawing?

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Hi Karla,


please, go to the news sections, the breaking news thread and the blogs posted on the Home Page of this site for more details. All the information out about the HQ Live is listed up there.

Well, thank you :) I'll look into more but so far, I just understand that it might be invite only?
Yes it is invite only as it stands

Dear Karla,


you have the possibility to subscribe for a session, but it does not guarantee you to take part it just brings you into the draw of being invited. So patience and some lucky thoughts are virtues on this one. Anyways, I hope you can make it, as for us Europeans we have to take the live stream, which is just a wonderful thing... =)



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