Fans of Incubus in Manila have always been curious of who would be the front act.


Back in 2004, rumors arised that it would "probably" be Rivermaya. But to everyone's surprise, Incubus didn't have one. One by one, members of the band called "Incubus" (our favorite band ever), came out of the stage of the CCP Open Grounds and started with a BIG BANG called "Megalomaniac" last March 12 of 2004.


2008 came and Incubus once again graced our love for their music by performing live at one of the best concert venues in Metro Manila -- the Araneta Coliseum on March 9, 2008. Here, one of the Philippines' most sought after band, Up Dharma Down, has opened for Incubus and shared their amazing music with us.


It's 2011 and 53 days before the "If Not Now, When?" concert tour in Manila. Who do you think would front Incubus? Would there be one, again, this time? Several names have been heard already. Share us your thoughts!



A new band with an old soul composed of the trio of Alden Abaca (drums), Miguel Dayanghirang (bass and vocals) and Pochoy Labog (guitars and vocals). An innovative breakthrough in rock music, reminiscent of 90's grunge and alternative, infused with a diverse pool of genres, including soul, jazz, hiphop and the blues. The music finds its foundation on a dynamic pulse with a groove that is nothing short of visceral. Flowing through the rhythm is melody delivered with a strong but subtle intensity. The interlaced lyrics provoke thought and emotion that can stir any soul that wishes to listen.








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I hope it will be Malay.
i think i'll go with urbandub!
Any of the three but much much better if all of them. Malay is such an amazing band, pure heart and passion <3<3<3
Did you try to ask Mr. Rennie? :))
wow! i love all these bands! they are amazing! but i'm gonna choose MALAY - my most favorite local band ever. It will be the night of my life to see the two of my most fave bands (foreign and local) to perform live.

What?!! Callalily isn't part of the list? Granted that Kean seems to idolize Brandon Boyd's moves on stage. :p


Seriously, my first vote goes to Franco because it IS a superband after all.  But the other two are alright as well. :)

I'm rooting for Urbandub! :)
Franco! But I've listened to Malay and they're good! Wait, is the vocalist the one from Dicta License?

Malay sounds interesting. Would love to see them perform live! :) 

Thanks for sharing. 

I do pray that it will be MALAY!

Me too!!! I'd go for Malay.

Check this out, MOVING. They have a diverse and meaningful kind of music.

I'll go with Urbandub!



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