So I found myself  REALLY enjoying  Gabriel Solis games ... so much I thought of another we could play  hehe.  



*okay so pick a lyric line of an incubus song

*then post just that line

*Next see who can NAME THAT SONG  and FINISH THAT LINE hehehe

* then pick the next lyric line from a new incubus song of your choice and post for someone else to play and finish the line!


Enjoy... lets pick some tricky ones (not that it is tricky for any of us HQ lovies to sing along)


So I will go first:

You think everything's been augmented that you have been left so far behind ..._______

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"Put down your hollow tips and kiss your lovers lips and know that fate is what we make of it"


"Your dubbed insane if_________"

"Your dubbed insane if ____ and when you try to speak your mind in your own way!

Ignore the past and... SPEAK FREE!"

Great choice, Beth!

"She called out a ________"

...WARNING, Don't ever let life pass you by."

Good choice Gabriel!

next :

"We do the same.............

Thanks, Magalie :)

"We do the same .............. every night I swear I've heard this song before"

BEWARE CRIMINAL! -> Good choice, Magalie :)

"It's not who you ______"

were, it's you who you are, and we've come this far lover. No I won't rest until the world knows the name ISADORE"

Love this song, thanks Gabriel ;)

next : "the garbage truck......

Glad you liked it, Magalie :)

"..... beeps as it backs up and I start my day thinking about what I've thrown away could i push rewind?"

11AM! Nice choice, Magalie :)

"If the world were to fall _______"

haha it was closer to 11 pm and the garbage truck was beeping in my street... so the choice was obvious!

Haha great choice, indeed!

"apart, in a fiction worthy wind, I wouldn't change a thing now that you're here~~~your love is a verb HERE IN MY ROOM here in my room here in my room___ "  ahhhh beautiful

"You can tell by__"

"You can tell by _______ the lines in my smile that I have been around for a while"!

SMILE LINES!!!! :) :)


"Hangin' around too close to________"

"____ microwaves, suddenly woke up and said, TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER or die by fly guy!"

"The sun is creeping _______"



" There's bugs crawling_______"



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