So I found myself  REALLY enjoying  Gabriel Solis games ... so much I thought of another we could play  hehe.  



*okay so pick a lyric line of an incubus song

*then post just that line

*Next see who can NAME THAT SONG  and FINISH THAT LINE hehehe

* then pick the next lyric line from a new incubus song of your choice and post for someone else to play and finish the line!


Enjoy... lets pick some tricky ones (not that it is tricky for any of us HQ lovies to sing along)


So I will go first:

You think everything's been augmented that you have been left so far behind ..._______

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"save the best part for last, you speak in riddles, and your intentions turn me on; I'm yours forever, will you love me when I'm gone, when I'm gone..."


We are picking some good lines and songs  (-:  It's good to see everyone back here!

"I guess the hard shell__"

"__ represents your pride; oh, if only it could be different, we could uncover the you, you deny; between two, a small discrepancy, one complicates and one simplifies" : GLASS

I agree, Jane. It's great to see everyone again :)

"I ain't afraid to let it out ______"

I'm unafraid to take that fall. But I found beyond all doubt, We say more by saying nothing at all. " PANTOMIME

Great choice Gabriel, I wish I'd hear it live...

next : "Would a written______

Thank you :) Me too!

"______ invitation signed choose now or loose it all, sedate your hesitation? Or inflame and make you stall?"

A CERTAIN SHADE OF GREEN! Another great choice, Magalie!

"I'd cut off both your wings ______"

"on principle alone, on principal alone..Hey Megalomaniac, you're no Jesus, yeah you're no fucking Elvis, wash your hands clean of yourself baby, and step down, step down, step down...."


"I'll---never act my age__"

but you can tell by the LINES in my SMILE that I've been around for a while" SMILE LINES is such a great song!!!

next : "So come outside______

"and walk with me, we'll try each other on to see if we fit (omg I looooove that line) and with our roots, become a tree, to shade what we make under it....we'll behave like animals, swing from tree to tree, we could do anything that turns you up and sets you free.....

SOUTHERN GIRL  Magalie, thanks for that one. <3  I got a little carried away there, the lyrics in this song are so amazing.

"Hand over my mouth__"

I'm earning the right to my silence. In quiet, discerning between ego and timing. Good judgement is once again proving to me that it's still worth it's weight in gold." BLOOD ON THE GROUND

One of you favourite Jane if I'm not mistaken...

next : "More subtle than_____

"more subtle than something someone contrives"

That would be from "ECHO".

next:  "damn, I really wish"......

"...... I could find my sack man, must have got eaten by pac-man
If i had it i could smoke again, smoke with my friends to the very end"


Great choice, Beth!

"You can give me guns and _______"

"You can give me guns and politics and I'll just make a mess of it, ya know."


next:  pistol firing at my feet....



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