So I found myself  REALLY enjoying  Gabriel Solis games ... so much I thought of another we could play  hehe.  



*okay so pick a lyric line of an incubus song

*then post just that line

*Next see who can NAME THAT SONG  and FINISH THAT LINE hehehe

* then pick the next lyric line from a new incubus song of your choice and post for someone else to play and finish the line!


Enjoy... lets pick some tricky ones (not that it is tricky for any of us HQ lovies to sing along)


So I will go first:

You think everything's been augmented that you have been left so far behind ..._______

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"__ you too are one of the walking dead" : CONSEQUENCE <3

Great choice, Jane!

"Out of line and indivisable _______"

Gabriel, could you mean:  "on a line indivisible"?  if so, "A Crow Left of the Murder"....if not, sorry!:)

Yes, Beth! You're right! Sorry for that. I meant that :)

Now it's your turn to post a new one

No Problem, Gabriel :)


next:  "You enter and close...."

Oooo, good one Beth!

"the door behind you, now show me the world seen from the stars; if only the lights would dim a little, I'm wary of eyes upon my scars"


"we rendezvous a quarter two__"

"we rendezvous a quarter to two......and make sure we're alone.  SUMMER ROMANCE!  (love it!)

"that breathing less air...."

Blood on the Ground~

" breathing you in, oh!"

"So take your biased point of view away..."

So take my biased point of view away,,,,,from my organic institution.   THE ANSWER!

next:  "Half-naked and full witted...."

".... and two weeks less a shower" : PSYCHOPSILOCYBIN


"Waking up I smell the scent ______"

waking up I smell the coffee on the brew.  MEDIUM

"But you've been walking........"

eyes to feet in dark sunglasses. A picture will survive, so smile and LOOK ALIVE !

next : "That roof is high___________

That roof is high.......and I'm not climbing tonight      MARTINI


I know I'm not alone....



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