So I found myself  REALLY enjoying  Gabriel Solis games ... so much I thought of another we could play  hehe.  



*okay so pick a lyric line of an incubus song

*then post just that line

*Next see who can NAME THAT SONG  and FINISH THAT LINE hehehe

* then pick the next lyric line from a new incubus song of your choice and post for someone else to play and finish the line!


Enjoy... lets pick some tricky ones (not that it is tricky for any of us HQ lovies to sing along)


So I will go first:

You think everything's been augmented that you have been left so far behind ..._______

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yes,  Gabriel!!!  i've been waiting for you to appear....knew you would get it!  :)

"let's figure out...what the fuck it's about before the picture we painted chews us up and spits us out."     REDEFINE


" don't you dare inhale......."

Anybody's got a hint?

Well, I know what it is, because I looked it up! But I have a rule for myself, I don't answer it if I have to look it up! I will give a hint though, it's definitely more obscure! I do however have it in my music library.

Pillow Your Eyes!!!!!

"...people fall in love...."

congrats Andrea!

"and touch the sky, some people fall in love and find---


"In a moment or two__"

you stare at me like Im a VITAMIN...

"....I was having a look..."

I was having a look in a book....and I saw a picture of a guy fried up above his knees!  PARDON ME!


...."I'm on to something here"..

Temporarism has been the "black plague" and the Jesus of our age...

I love playing that song on guitar, although, it's hard to sing it all the way through while playing...Great song  JUST A PHASE

"....a photograph discovered..."

I love the guitar at the beginning, my daughter used to play it on her guitar too. This is one of the first songs that made me fall in love with the music of this extraordinary band  <3

"a decade afterrrr, it's a cannon blast disguised as a firecracker, it's enough to bring a brick walllll to its knees, and say, pleeeeaaasssee"

ADMIRATION   great choice Andrea!

"We've been good____"

...even a blast but don't you feel like something's missing here?" IF NOT NOW WHEN?

next : "Yet I look for________



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