So I found myself  REALLY enjoying  Gabriel Solis games ... so much I thought of another we could play  hehe.  



*okay so pick a lyric line of an incubus song

*then post just that line

*Next see who can NAME THAT SONG  and FINISH THAT LINE hehehe

* then pick the next lyric line from a new incubus song of your choice and post for someone else to play and finish the line!


Enjoy... lets pick some tricky ones (not that it is tricky for any of us HQ lovies to sing along)


So I will go first:

You think everything's been augmented that you have been left so far behind ..._______

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then both of us are doing fine..... Diamonds and Coal

next:  doesn't have a clue...

"why he's waiting, or what he's waiting for, maybe it's me, but I'm sick of wasting energy.."

PRIVILEGE!  Thanks for that one Beth, haven't listened to it in a while, listening now..

"Fuse the two__"


yess redefine! "Fuse the two, KAPOW!"

next up: "i really wish i could find my sack man, ______"

You're welcom Jane :)

i really wish i could find my sack....smokin the herb again  (oh yeah!)

next:  I could snap at any moment....

"and I might feel more expensive"


"you make me certain.."

you magnify my better half... MONUMENTS AND MELODIES!

"i'm at the end of my ribbon again."

answer:  for those who won't do apathy:  Make a Move!

next:  If you don't know who lost it.......

"...... I'll give it away! Away!" ------->>> MAGIC MEDICINE! <3

"In so long it's hard ___"

"for me to specify- I'm beginning to notice, how much this feels like a waking limb, pins and needles,


"To reinvent the sea__"

"one wave at a time"    PANTOMIME!

next: you're all i ever wanted

"SOUTHERN GIRL, could you want me??   ahhh, good one!

"Now my only, consolation___"

is that this could not last forever - JUST A PHASE!

next : Are your muscles ___________



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