Hello Incubus Fans/All,


I’ve decided to create a fan book for Incubus. All fans and listeners alike are welcome to submit a photo/letter/drawing/etc. Thank them, show them, help them understand how they have impacted you in some way, shape, or form.  Be creative!


I will need a minimum of 300 submissions to create a decent book. To get the minimum amount of submissions, I will be giving a free book to the 315th person.



Accepted file format: JPEG file only

All other formats WILL NOT be accepted. Please convert your file to JPEG before submitting. Once I receive the file, I will not convert the file and your file will not be included in the fan book. So please double check before submitting.


Please email the file to incubusfanbook@gmail.com



Submission is open until the minimum requirement of 300 is reached.



  1. Once you submit a file, you agree to all the requirements stated.
  2. Please submit ONE entry only so others can have an opportunity to be included.
  3. All files submitted will not be returned. I assume no responsibility for the file submitted. You will continue to own copyright(s) to the submission.
  4. Any file/image deemed inappropriate will not be included.
  5. There might me a possibility that I will have to alter the image (cropping). If you do not agree, please do not submit.
  6. I will be designing the book at my discretion. Sometimes text/part of your image might need to be removed. If you do not agree, please do not submit.



The final book will be a 12x12 hardcover.

Depending on the amount of submissions I receive, will ultimately decide how much area each submission uses. The more submissions = smaller image/area. I would like to avoid adding additional pages and would like to keep the book 20 pages (40 total, front and back).


Once the fan book is complete, a link will be provided so you can view, share and/or purchase.


If you have any questions, please email incubusfanbook@gmail.com

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I want to know: it's done or not?

Laure, no it's not. As of date, I only received 2 submissions. I would like to be able to complete the book sometime soon (1-2 months). If you would like to submit, please do.
I haven't posted this info as much as I should, mainly because I feel like I'm "begging". If you could, pass the word along I'd appreciate it and hopefully I can complete the book. : )

Ok, I would like to participate, I'll do that soon

 I'll try to spread the message :-)

took me one hell of a long time to get on this, but I'm totally interested if this is still happening?

me too! can we still submit? we should blow this thread up, if you're seriously going to make a book!



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