I think this song would be amazing to hear from Incubus. I think it would get the crowd GOING. i say we convince red to convince tem to perform it at their tours! If you doint know the song go youtube it, it'd be alot of fun if they covered it.

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Right? I think alot of people would love it. and thats exactly what i was thinking since bens got talent too!

Ryan said:
Good choice, such a good song. Ben could sing Bowie's part, and Brandon could sing Mercury's. They are one of the only bands out there that could actually pull that song off too.
Personally I'd rather not give up an entire Incubus song for this >_> Wouldn't mind seeing a vid of it though haha

I would think they could do a ton of songs that would sound soooo dope. Personally, I wanna hear them do a cover of tainted love.

I love Queen!  I've actually thought of that myself, so I'm glad to learn I'm not the only one :) 

I generally don't like anybody messing with Queen, there really is no replacement for Freddie Mercury (I know they've been on tour since his death and all but...sorry, though maybe good, just not the same)

...but that being said, if anyone is up to the challenge of performing "Under Pressure", I think Incubus can do it.

I'm not quite sure how to put it, but there's the emotional level of the song, and what makes me believe Incubus performing it would be successful (or even another Queen song?) is that I think they can understand it....or feel it....or....something like that, it sounded better in my head.




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