Hey all-

Does anyone know of any Incubus cover bands?  I was just thinking how there are a lot of cover bands in my area (Chicago) but I have never heard of a single Incubus one.  I would think they would be a tough band to cover, but I can't believe no one has ever tried.  

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My cousins and I know probably about half of their entire catalogue. We get together whenever we have time and jam Incubus songs for hours. We aren't really a cover band though because we don't have a singer. 

That's awesome! If I lived anywhere near you I would be your singer!

I think the hardest part about making an Incubus cover band is finding a singer. The material is very challenging and requires quite a range. People try, in fact I almost joined one, but the singer dude was a total douche and couldn't really sing that well. He really honestly thought he was Brandon reincarnate, good looks and all, but obviously far less talented and far more annoying.

I could understand that. I'm a girl, and Brandon's vocals are sometimes a stretch for me. I would imagine its even harder for a guy.
Chicago fans- we should work on this ;)



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