Is there a book you would like to recommend? Has a piece of literature influenced you? If you would like to suggest an author or book to read, please feel free to post! Take the Freedom to Read!

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wow Debbie, just found this discussion ( not too much better than a cant put it down book!).  I was also gonna suggest reccomend "running with scissors".  I enjoy burroughs writing, his perspective is so uncommon yet somehow i think we can all relate on some level.  Have you read "dry"?

@Melissa - after I bought Hunger Games at Walmart, I saw it for even less at TJ MAXX - $5.99!  So, I think I'll check there for the second book too.

@Annette - I haven't read Dry, (Burrough's also?)  So, much to read, and so little time!!!

I recceomend the first and best English novel ever. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel DeFoe.


If you looking for something more modern then "Rule of the Bone" by Russell Banks.

Anyone read The Host by Stephenie Meyer? She wrote the Twilight series. Anyway, I've heard it's good and they're making that into a movie too. 

Hi Melissa:) I liked Stephanie Meyer's style of writing in the Twilight books, so I'll look for The Host to read. Thanks for suggesting it!

It's been a long time since I've read Robinson Crusoe Josh - maybe it's time I picked it up again!

I just read The Code Book: How to Make It, Break It, Hack It, Crack It and it was interesting to see how codes have been pivotal in influencing historical events.

so, is it just me, or... by the time someone replies in here do you guys also wonder what the hell we are talking about?  Maybe I just have a short little attention span <shrug>


It seems that it does take a long time for a reply grandma (your name still makes me smile!). I feel somewhat responsible for not keeping the discussion going. Maybe we should try to read the books mentioned by everyone & then chat about them? Does anyone have any suggestions?

The Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga bu Hunter S. Thompson.. just read it and its pretty interesting! A very good read.


Also my fac: A Street Car Named Desire

has anyone ever read The Gargoyle?... The Kite Runner? they're pretty good (BTW, went and saw The Hunger Games with my friends; cried when rue died). :'(

I cried too when Rue died. I just finished Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games series. It was really good too. Can't wait to see it on film. 

I'm just finishing up the semester. My final is on Thursday so I'm hoping to get to read all these great book suggestions this summer. 

Hi Michy :)  ~ Hunter S. Thompson was a great & unusual writer! Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas comes to mind although I've not read the book, but only saw the movie with Johnny Depp. I'll look for the one you mentioned thanks! And what a wonderful story A Streetcar Named Desire is! Again, I've never actually read it, but I could watch the movie many times & still find something interesting that I've missed.

Hello Janus :)  ~ Both of the books you mentioned sound intriguing. I'll try to find them! Did you also see The Kite Runner the movie?

Just read another J.D. Robb, 'In Death' novel.  Love 'em.  Thrills, murder mystery, sex, lies, etc.   Before that City of Thieves, David Branioff (sp.), very good!  American Gods, Neil Gaiman, good,.



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