If you would have a private Incubus concert all to yourself, what would be your personalized setlist?

If I would have a private Incubus concert all to myself, this would be my requested setlist:
1. The Original
2. Priceless
3. Smile Lines
4. Version
5. Take Me To Your Leader
6. Psychopsilocybin
7. Quicksand
8. Rogues
9. Pendulous Threads
10. La La La Zoom Zoom Zoom (haha)
11. Privilege
12. Nowhere Fast
13. Clean
14.Battlestar Scralatchtica
15. Are You In?
16. Neither Of Us Can See (duet with Me. Haha)
17. While All The Vultures Feed
18. Admiration
19. Have You Ever
20. Under My Umbrella
21. If Not Now, When?
22. Echo
23. 11am
24. Nebula
25. Calgone
26. CSOG
27. Idiot Box
28. New Skin
29. Make A Move
30. Crowded Elevator
31. In The Company of Wolves
32. Switch Blade
33. Rebel Girls
34. Surface To Air
35. Dance In A Triangle
36. Divided
37. When It Comes
38. Still Not A Player (haha)

Hahaha just randomly thought of it...

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That's an awesome setlist! I love how The Original is first that's my favorite off the new record...and Still Not a Player as the closer is absolutely genius :D



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