I want to do something great in my life....If Not Now, When?

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I want to go back to college and get a beter job

If not now, when?

I want to meet all these amazing lovie dovie incubus family fans that Ive been waiting to know, we are all so connected and related through sound and life. I love it. so excited to meet even more of you. If not now, when?!

I try  to be a better person every day.If not now, when ?

I would like to make a difference in the world, If Not Now, When?
I want to be rich and famous. If Not Now, When?
I just want to meet them!  If Not Now, When, When, When???

***love to  drive for success while certain shade of green is creeping into my head =)

***find my isadore ^_^

.. if not now .. when?

smile and look alive...... if not now, when?????

I WANT TO BE CALLER 22...IF NOT NOW WHEN? ....next hour? hahaha

So I purchased the "If Not Now, When?" bracelet and I wear it proudly everyday.  It has caught the attention of many people telling me what a great saying it is.  I tell them its my words to live by for so many reasons and its because of the greatest band.  I actually have people asking me to buy them bracelets.  

wonderful, spread the good news girl!

I just want to let go. 

My Spirit is seriously tired.

I dont want to be rich

I dont want to be poor

I want to work


I want to know that I am loved

raise some more  kids

 not neccesarily my own

especially at this late date

and decades from now  

 one sweet night

 just fall a sleep






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