I want to do something great in my life....If Not Now, When?

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I was walking with the Dukester and all kind of INN, W's kept creeping into my head. Thought it might be fun to see what pops in your head.

I was trying to figure out what the songs are about by they titles. also im wondering and wonder what is the cover gonna looks like... im waiting for something great in my life and im sure by July 12th it will happend.


i just need a new job to buy it. but im gonna find something soon . if not now, when? right?


thanks steve.

I want to make some birdies...If Not Now, When?

now  i got the idea lol.


I want to learn how to play  a Guitar. if not now, when?

I intent to continue contributing to make staying around this place earth worth the wile. 

I intent to enjoy life in its fullest.

I intent to learn even more languages.

I intent to land a job in PR,communications, copywriting and the alike.

I intent to understand, observe and contribute to the human condition.

I intent to help wherever I can whenever it is truly needed .

I intent to spread the word about this beautiful place called the Incubus World Headquarters.

I intent to consciously do something "good" every single day.

Okay, not going on with my list now, because: if not now, when? Off to translate the latest spills of Mr. Boyd.

Have a very fine day everyone. 

If not now, wazaa ?
this ought to be a tough one. the "when" part of the question. but i guess it's only i who could straighten things out and answer for myself.

I want to join yoga class

I want to get back to college

I want to attend to ballet classes

I want to learn how to play guitar

I want to rescue more animals

I want to be vegetarian again



Like Oceana said: I intent to enjoy life in its fullest.

If not now? When?

Incubus must play in Peru on their next World Tour....IF NOT NOW, WHEN?
I want to achieve a better career/personal life balance... IF NOT NOW, WHEN?


"Sustainability... IF NOT NOW, WHEN?"

"Recycle...IF NOT NOW, WHEN?"

"World Peace...IF NOT NOW, WHEN?"

I want to get a job.

I want to be a photographer.

I want to improve on my drawing "skills"

I want to learn how to play the guitar.

I want to get voice lessons.

I want to stop drinking out of plastic water bottles.

I want to take a painting class.

I want to take a ceramics class.

I want to move out of my house.

 If Not Now, When?






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