If Incubus Were To Collaborate With Another Band...

If you can hear Incubus team up with another band or solo artist to perform a song onstage, who would you pick?  Or it could be any member of Incubus collaborating with someone else?

I saw of one on Youtube with Mike and Brandon showing up to Gwen Stefani's concert and performing "Message In A Bottle," and thought it was fun :)

For me, I think that a performance with Juanes would sound very good!

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PEARL JAM or Ben Harper!!!
Mikey and Brandon are Bjork's fans. It'd be cool to seem em collaborate. :)
Pearl Jam or RATM

you hear this one?

more collaborations with Adam Sandler :P

David デヴィッド said:

Anything with Mike Patton :)
Foo fighters or maybe soundgarden or pearl jam
Definitely Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tenacious D
Deftones or Tool

YEAH Deftones, TooL, Bjork, Soundgarden...


Any of these would almost be too much to handle...squee.

I would love to see Incubus do some work with Mono. They are a Japanese instrumental band. They are really good and I think that they could do some really incredible work together. I have been really thinking about this when I heard Adolescents and the interview where Mike was talking about the direction and influences of this upcoming album.


Tool could be rather interesting as well. I think they could work well together.


I think that if they did some stuff with Alien Ant Farm, it would push them both out of the comfort zone, which Incubus is really good at doing. Not to mention, the sense of humor of Tool and AAF would go well with Incubus I think.





Red Hot Chili Peppers. Or Pearl Jam.



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