I would love it if xpiral is the openning act for Incubus AGAIN

For all the fans ARROUND THE GLOBE...we all know Xpiral and we know what this guys are capable of... So if you agree with me join me in this request so the guys of xpiral can become Incubus opening act in NEXT tour dates!

For those who  don't know the band, I leave you my favorite song "Delirios de hoy"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B0iqktnby4 Check it out!!!

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Animo Xpiral! Para que repitan con Incubus, y si les apetece se acercan a España y tocamos todos juntos! Que aquí Mirza Zaza tiene ganas de conocer a toda esta increible gente! Un saludo y a luchar por conseguir los sueños amigos! :)
I'm still waiting my autographed cd ;)

Tomen en cuenta a Costa Rica! me encantaría ver a Xpiral junto a Incubus! especialmente si tocan "De pié"! 


Fingers crossed. O brigado meu amigos!

Incubus Brasil Blog said:
In Brazil too!

Guys. There's a group in facebook in wich a fan is trying to get people from all around the world to help Xpiral.

Please Search for this group name in facebook or click the link below:


"Quiero que Xpiral vaya de gira junto a Incubus"


She's looking for Admins from Different countries. If you want to be admin for the group, please contact Anna Melly. She's the creator.


Thank you so freaking much for helping us. You're too kind.
Love you all.




De nada :)

Fedex Xpiral said:

Fingers crossed. O brigado meu amigos!

Incubus Brasil Blog said:
In Brazil too!
nice pic fedex

Here's the latest Xpiral interview





Xpiral is AMAZING. Wow. You can really hear their incubus influence but still have their own amazing sound. I would love to see them open for Incubus in Australia!!!

I want them to hit the UK tooooo!





Maris Boscán says: "Los queremos ver en Venezuela también"

"Después de un tiempo...":


OOOPS!!! =)


¡Se van pal norte!



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