This is a really random thread. But I feel the need to open up. I am a drug addict, I have been for the past 4 years. I'm addicted to Spice. Spice is a type of synthetic marijuana. But unlike regular marijuana, Spice is a designer drug, meaning it is created to get you addicted so you keep buying more. 

All I want is to sober up. I just want to be myself again. I don't know if any of the band members, or any of the other people reading this, have ever been addicted to a drug, but when you are it consumes your entire life.

I'm probably writing this in vain, but I was hoping to get either some support from previous addicts, or maybe a response from one of the members of Incubus. I don't know what I'm expecting in response to this, but I figured I would just throw this out there and see what happens.

I've been to rehab, but was kicked out after 3 days because I said I liked one of the girls who was attending rehab at the same time as I was.

I'm really just reaching for anyone who might know what I'm going through. Narcotics Anonymous is helpful in a way, but the "war stories" end up making me want to use. So I've been searching for other sources of support. This is probably one of the worst thing's I can do to look for help, but I'm running out of options. So here I am, on a public Incubus forum, looking for support. Not the smartest of choices, but this is all I have left.

So, anyone else out there have any advice on how to stay clean?

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Is Spice so overwhelmingly strong to where you can't just return to smoking regular strains of weed?  First I've heard of it.

Yes it is. Regular weed doesn't even affect me anymore, which really sucks.

I think it was courageous of you to reach out.  I hope someone here has the courage to reach back!  I've never been addicted to drugs, so I can't offer personal experience help.  I do know how hard it is for a person who is addicted to alcohol and weed, to stop, though.  My husband is addicted to both.  He's stopped MANY TIMES and always goes back.  All I can say is, you're on the right track, because you know you have a problem, and have tried to get help many times.  Just keep trying, and GOOD LUCK!!

I'm right there with you brother.  Just getting off years and years of all kinds of different drug abuse.  Incubus music has been a literal live-saver for me through these times.  You can beat it.  I won't consider myself 100% Sober but no more hard stuff and especially no more Alcohol which is thee gateway drug.

I'm attending NA meetings. I believe it is a partial religious program and I am an Atheist so I don't like that part, but there are always people there who want to help the next addict and understand addiction unlike most of the public.  You just need to stop smoking.  I smoked plenty of Synthetic Cannabinoids and they are not physically addictive.  

I'm not trying to play down your addiction if you sincerely believe you are addicted to it, but for gods sake don't ever try Opiates or anything else Physically addictive.  That's when it really controls your entire life.

Synthetic Cannabinoids i do believe fuck with your natural Cannabinoid Receptors.  For a long time after returning to regular Marijuana I would just get extreme anxiety attacks.   Do you know which Synthetic you are smoking?  I ask because there are literally hundreds and some are worse then others.  They will repair themselves after a long break.  For me it seemed to take about a year and I only smoke small amounts at a time now.

There is another program called SMART which is non 12 step based.  You can try that or you need to find an addiction psychiatrist along with 1 on 1 therapy.  But if you want to stay sober you need structure and a support group.

I had a friend who was EXTREMELY addicted to this stuff...ended up hospitalized. Quitting was really hard for him; his addiction was on par of that of a heroine addict. Cold sweats, insomnia, endless vomiting, inability to absorb nutrients from food and the list goes on. Here are some of the things that worked for him: Exercising A LOT, drinking tons of fluids, taking baths to deal with all the sweating, getting nutrients from stuff like Ensure, anti-nausea medicine and mucinex or something like that for the shit you hack out. Don't be afraid to confide in close friends and family for support and pursue your hobbies while you ride it out. Good luck, man!



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