Hey, everyone. Renman wants to collect up some ideas of what we could do with all the amazing video footage and so forth that we recorded during the HQLive experience.  Lay them on us here!

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Chuck Defender 2.0

I think it would be nice to see something similar to the Morning View Sessions with this.  Have a BluRay or DVD with a nice menu where the concerts from each day are all accessible.  Then you can have different sections for the behind the scenes, interviews, morning briefings, photos, etc.


The Morning View Sessions was a cool thing at the time getting to see what the guys do when not on the road and that's why I think putting as much of the HQ Live activities on the disc would be really great.  I would pay any price for this. :)

I like Omar's idea and it would also be cool if it was all put into like a vault type thing kinda like the one for M&M where you get a code to unlock it.
I agree with Omar!
A dvd, definitely! It'd be a really cool collection of memories of these very special days. Omar just read my mind (or I read his, obviously, haha)
DVD, no doubt. I'd gladly invest in it, and add it to my collection of other Incubus DVD's. Behind the scene footage is what any hardcore fan craves and cherishes.
absofreakinlutely a dvd. I had to be out of town this whole past week and literally missed EVERY SECOND OF HQ LIVE. which makes me cry. i need a copy. plzkthx.

Options I can think of:

1. DVD. I was talking to other people at the show and I think everyone agreed that a DVD would be AWESOME.

2. If we are to keep to the idea of these performances being free of cost, you could make it a private thing (like the Vault) and give the unlock code to those who have pre-ordered the CD or to those who purchase the CD in general.

3. If you eventually post up ALL performances on Youtube, the band could continue to get paid for all the ads running on their video pages, while fans get to enjoy watching the performances in HD for free.

4. Post the videos up, exclusively, on Incubus HQ. That would bring more Incubus fans to the site and would treat those who are already members with the AWESOMETASTIC footage from the week's performances.

i love jane's options! i most definitely vote for a DVD, with exclusive content being the clinics, interviews outside, etc.

I suggested a box set. I think it would be sweet to have a basic DVD compilation of just the concerts as well as a Limited Edition with a moderately thick art book that showcases photos of all the awesome art work and people involved in Incubus HQ. Also, with the LE, there could be a bonus disc that showcases all the behind the scenes things like Mike's clinic, Kil DJ session, If Not Now, Ben, interviews, etc. 


I think regardless of what the noodles here in Incubus land think of, I will be buying this. Awesome idea!

A DVD is a MUST! with Omar's specs.  And/or Jane's options.  Good ideas, Einsteins!! lol
I defnitely vote for a DVD/BluRay with the concerts. I would go with Omar's and/or Jane's suggestions.



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