Hey, everyone. Renman wants to collect up some ideas of what we could do with all the amazing video footage and so forth that we recorded during the HQLive experience.  Lay them on us here!

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OH MY GOSH!! And I just had another good idea for the DVD, if one is put together!!! :D Somehow put the songs "Rebel Girls", "Hold Me Down", and "Surface to Air" on it somehow!! That would be amaaaaaaazing. :P Ok, I think I'm done for real this time. Cheerses...!


                                                                                                                --RichardAllen->* (Rick)

Oh man!!   I did a good one today,  I sung alot of incubus songs at the Incubus HQ tent at the New Jersey PNC arts center show...  it was pretty funny we all had high energy,   i'd love to see a collage of all the best moments!
@Nick Espinosa, I am the lead singer of a rock band and this is one of the reasons it's so hard to break into the industry today. Everyone has gotten used to music being super polished and edited to perfection. But rock isn't perfect unless it's fixed up and smoothed out; just a fact, and people should be allowed to see that. THAT is why I want these performances to be on DVD. That's what I mean by saying they are raw performances. I, for one, can listen to the HQ live performance of "Friends and Lovers" and enjoy the crap out of it. But as I said in my previous comments, my internet speed sucks, so like right now, I'm literally letting days 1 and 2 load on my laptop and it's been over an hour and a half waiting. Why would I want to wait this long if I could throw a DVD in and see all of these incredible performances without waiting?? I'm sure there are others like me, with less patience. I'll bet a lot of them have only seen tiny bits of the HQ live stuff. Oh, and as a 26 year old I suppose I should know how to make a DVD of the performances off of youtube, but I don't and it wouldn't be as special as something put together by Incubus even if I did. But yeah, I'm not tryin' to be angry or defensive; merely responding, because I would die for a DVD that awesome. -Figuratively speaking. :) Cheers...
I agree with Rick, I'd love a DVD of all HQ Live performances and anything and everything they'd like to add from this tour.  Would buy it in a heartbeat.  Along with many, many other fans I'm sure.
Would be fun to be able to upload a headshot which is then added to a screaming fan in the front row for sharing with friends :-)
The DVD idea for sure! But if you have proof you went to the concert, you get a free DVD=]
Would love to see a Bluray/DVD once the tour is complete. Something like Look Alive (DVD) will be awesome, epic, astonishing, MIND-BLOWING, grand, wonderful, oh...and did I mention awesome?

Omar's idea forsure!!! it would be cool to watch footage of the guys of INCUBUS before/durring and after concerts.


i know this sounds so selfish, but i would really love it if i was included in on this! i was at the show in Red Rocks and talked on camera with Cisco there, and met Incubus in Detroit a week later. Then talked with Cisco again in Columbus, OH, but wasn't on camera:( i told him i'd see him Florida, and i did! caught his eye with my sign that said, "you should be here"! he came out from behind the curtain, at the St. Augustine show, then came down to the pit where he filmed a very excited me! so....a dvd with my face attached to Incubus would be a dream come true! like that kid in the Look Alive at Red Rocks dvd...ya know what i'm talking bout? he's on there like 4x's! wth? who does he know? haha. Can't wait for a new dvd!

that's the best! i own all of their dvds and i watch that one the most.

Edward Hernandez said:

Would love to see a Bluray/DVD once the tour is complete. Something like Look Alive (DVD) will be awesome, epic, astonishing, MIND-BLOWING, grand, wonderful, oh...and did I mention awesome?

have everyone send in their own footage + your footage. i think it should be something different, something new, something for the new year 2012. I know there's a lot of editing to be done, but im pretty sure there are some awesome captures out there, and ts cool to see from the perspective of a incubus fan. Since HQ was something for the fans..a collection of documents...i sound silly...i have a vision though...hmmm :)



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