Mike, Kilmore, Jose and Brandon will be doing separate video chats over the course of the HQ Anniversary party, and they'll be answering your questions straight from the internet. To cut down on the amount of confusion going on in the chat room while they're live, we will be pulling the best questions from this thread to ask them on-air.

This thread is for questions for Mike Einziger only.

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If Incubus were a symphony, what would it be?

Hello Mikey!!! This is Katrina from the Philippines :)

We all miss you (just saying!!!).

Anyway... though as a band, you've had this practice (from what I've observed) that you set out a date/time/period of recording process, are there times in which while being on the road and though having a few breaks in between, as musicians, you suddenly have this musical "light bulb" moment which you think could be put as a future single? (I know it's a rhetorical question)...

In which chances/cases or when does it suddenly occur to you to have this musical idea--something that just popped out "fresh and new" that you wanna incorporate in your current music/shows/tour. Something that you think would be great on record, but would probably have to wait since you're on the road... What do you usually do about it, and how long would it have to wait?

Lastly, can you send love across the globe, through the ocean, the desert, the mountains, stars and the moon and through time? I'm sending good vibes through with love and light to your direction from halfway across the world!



Hey Mike!

I'm not checking out all the other questions but I'm sure my question has been asked before (I guess).

I've tried everything, I searched around the Internet for hours, asked a lot of people who know a lot about effects pedals, but no, no succes! Thereby, my question is, how in hell did you get the Phaser/flanger kinda sound in Sick Sad Little World (the tremolo picked part). 

Would be awesome to know exactly what pedals those are (brand, type, even settings!). My mate and me have been trying for hours and we're going NUTS!

See you the 10th of july in Amsterdam! It'll be AWESOME!



Quick! You're stranded on an island. What are 4 things that you would bring with you?

Hi Mike my question is: 

How do you feel when you meet fans from all over the world during the meet and greet? 

if you could be in the presence of anyone famous from the past or even the present who would it be and why?

what gets your creative juices flowing? eating, skydiving, meditating etc?

Mikey. Where does all your awesomeness comes from?


1. How are you?

2. What is the single most important thing you learned in Harvard?

3. How's life as a "normal" student in Harvard? How do your everyday classes go and how do your classmates and professors treat someone famous like you? Just wondering, I'm a science teacher myself :)

4. Why are you so cute and adorable? Haha seriously. Please tweet again? 

Love, Lei Europa from Manila xx

Do you know that next weeks March 14th is also The 8th Anniversary for incubus here in Thailand !!!! you guys touched thai's ground for the first time in 2004!!!
I want to know what is the differences feeling of the crowd between 2004 and in january 2012 this year? anyway we love you guys!!!

Oh, here's more:

- What do you remember the most about the Philippines? And what really happened during the 1st song of your show here in Manila in July 2011? That was so badass, btw (in a good way). Love it! xoxxxo 


hi mikey my question is : when will you come back to the tweed tweed world?
you are the first among the band who use the "interweb" to connect with the fans.
As i recalled the endvacuum contest that you let the fans sent their home made video via youtube asking for the tickets to the event but now you're stop tweeting and not an official FB page. we really want to connect with you once again XD are you an anti-socialnetwork now?



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