Mike, Kilmore, Jose and Brandon will be doing separate video chats over the course of the HQ Anniversary party, and they'll be answering your questions straight from the internet. To cut down on the amount of confusion going on in the chat room while they're live, we will be pulling the best questions from this thread to ask them on-air.

This thread is for questions for Mike Einziger only.

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Hey Mike,

I can truly say my love affair with Incubus was definitely a "love at first sound" type of deal. The first song I ever heard "Pardon Me" was playing in background one morning long ago and I literally stopped everything I was doing just to listen to it. I was instantly hooked and will forever be a fan. Has there been a band or bands in which you've experienced "love at first sound"? 

- Josephine

Hi Mike! ...is there any chance to meet you personally at any of your concerts? I have been following Incubus since the fungus amongus! ..your music has been inspiring me through my whole medical school studies in Peru! ..now that I am already a doctor I will finally have the opportunity to watch one of your concerts live in the US!!! ..how about a free medical examination! =)

Heya, Mike! This may be a difficult question to answer, but with all honesty, which Incubus album do you think is the best all-round, and if you had to choose an Incubus song that most epitomizes the band, what song would that be?

I'm also curious on what your favourite Beatles song/album is? :P

Thanks x

Hello Mike!

Time Lapse Consortium coming back any time soon? :D

and would you still consider going back to using Fender Jazzmasters? they have a sweet tone ;)

Cheers and Happy 1st HQ Anniversary,

- sketch

Hi Mikey,

First of all, thank you, for doing what you do so well for so long. I've been a fan for over a decade and the music of Incubus has had a more profound influence on my life than any other band - everything from shared experiences traveling to ~20 shows with my friends & family, to getting the chance to interview you at a Kevin & Bean Breakfast a few years back, to getting me through a lot of good years and not so good ones.


You guys willing to play a wedding? Incubus has been a central part of my and my boyfriend's relationship over the last 11 years and we're more than willing to plan the next step in our lives together around your schedule if you guys would be willing to do a song or two on the big day! 

Am I kidding? Not really!


Amazing work on the Coconut Records album- brilliant stuff!


Melissa P, Oakland, CA

Hey Mike!


I was at the show in Tokyo and had a beautiful time! Thank you so much for coming to Japan again.

But you guys had kept us waiting for you for 8 years so I have to ask you this...

" What was the most memorable time you had in Japan this time?”

It can be sometime you had between the shows or you had with the fans.


Hope you're having fun! Thank you for this anniversary event. Love.

First of all, Hi. Even writing to you makes me nervous because I really like you a lot like love and admire you as a musician and a human being in general.

My questions are

Do you plan on going back to Harvard to finish up your education and get your degree anytime soon and do you ever feel frustrated that the band takes your time away from finishing up college or do you welcome the time off from school?

What do you think you would be doing right now if you weren't in a band or in any band or if music wasn't a part of your life and if attending Harvard wasn't attainable?

And lastly, would you ever consider getting dreads again?

Hi Mike, my question to you is: What's your all-time favourite film?

Much love from Rowena.


What is one song, or any song in the world, that you could listen to and never grow tired of hearing?

And what is a song/tune that you would NOT want to hear because once you do it gets stuck in your head? For me it would be "It's a small world" (once i got stuck on that ride at Disneyland with that song playing like a broken record and drove me bananas). 

For fun: Would you rather be trapped in an elevator packed with wet dogs OR with 3 big, sweaty men with bad breath?

Hi Mike,

what were the best and the worst moments of the IF NOT NOW WHEN TOUR?


Love and Light

Valentina - Italy

MIKEY, Y U NO TWEET NO MORE? Haha. Big love from Incunesia! :))

How often do you practice playing your instrument?  How is it different than it was in the earlier years?  How important is experimentation when playing?  What influenced you to start playing an instrument - family, another artist...?  What did you mean when you said LA Reid is the man?  Did he do something special for you or the band?



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