Mike, Kilmore, Jose and Brandon will be doing separate video chats over the course of the HQ Anniversary party, and they'll be answering your questions straight from the internet. To cut down on the amount of confusion going on in the chat room while they're live, we will be pulling the best questions from this thread to ask them on-air.

This thread is for questions for Mike Einziger only.

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hello mike, congratulations for the birthday of this page
well, my question is: what are the reason move you to play a instrument?, and what are your plans in the future, in the band or another proyects? this are my questions, i hope you can answer that. bye!

Hello Mike

Which is the best method to begin the creation of a song? what is your (the) process of writing a song?

Please send some greetings to Luciano who is a big fan of you and a guitar player too

I hope to see you soon here in Chile

Hi Mike, first off thanks for taking the time to answer some of our questions, means a lot to me and the other fans!  I have several questions that I don't think get asked too often..

1) I find it an interesting characteristic of many of your guitar compositions that you incorporate/ branch the riffs/ melodies from the '4th fret', for example: Redefine, I Miss You, Pardon Me, Nowhere Fast and Sick Sad Little World.  Did you find that the 4th fret was overlooked for coming up with an original riff, thus taking on the opportunity?

2) Do you get any stage fright/ anxiety before going out on stage in front of a large crowd, and has it gotten easier to do so since the 90s?

3) What are your thoughts on the ever growing trend of DUBSTEP and its sounds, and would you ever consider emulating some of those sounds with your guitar and effects pedals?

If for some SUPER strange reason you needed to be replaced, and you could pick anybody in the whole world to fill in and play guitar for you, who would it be and why? What advice or warnings would you give them reguarding the band? (please don't ever leave, by the way) Thank you for expressing your soul through music.


Dear Mike:

 I love you, and my question is, are you happy with the "new" Incubus? Do you miss when you used to be funky, wild and crazy ? ... and,do  Incubus miss Dirk Lance?

with love, always yours


Hey Mike! Just gotta say, I was right in front of you at the Incubus show in Auckland and it was incredible to watch you because I am a guitar player myself and you are a big influence on me! And thanks for the pick!

My questions-

Which Incubus song, for you, is the most difficult to play?
What guitar pedals would you recommend to someone who is new to using pedals?

What is your favourite guitar riff that you have ever written?

Thanks Mike, you are awesome, one day I will meet you and thank you in person for being so awesome.

:) Ashlee- xx


Mike, how do you keep up from hanging around with people you've known almost all your life? How do you keep the energy and spark flowing that long? Just wondering...

Hi Mike! You had a surgery some years ago to heal your tendinitis. Is your arm totally recovered or does it hurt sometimes?

You're my favorite band member of Incubus so this story is profound for me and means the world to me. When you guys played at the Bee Cave in Austin, TX back in September 2011 there was a moment whilst you guys were playing Nice to Know You and before one you sing along with brandon "goodbye, nice to know you" you spotted my camera and looked straight into it for like 2 seconds and I documented this moment and you smiled shyly or got embarrassed and you forgot to sing the goodbye, nice to know you lyric into your microphone...and you also refused to look my way again after that. Do you remember this?! You don't, but I do and it doesn't matter that you don't remember because it was a beautiful moment for me that I shall never forget.

What is your biggest inspiration when you write songs?

Hello Mikey! :) 

I'm very curious about originality in art and music. I hope you get to answer my question: 

What makes the music you create authentic? 

Thank you! :) 



I was just wondering if you planned on releasing any of your own music (solo style/ big orchestrations).





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