Mike, Kilmore, Jose and Brandon will be doing separate video chats over the course of the HQ Anniversary party, and they'll be answering your questions straight from the internet. To cut down on the amount of confusion going on in the chat room while they're live, we will be pulling the best questions from this thread to ask them on-air.

This thread is for questions for Mike Einziger only.

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Hello, Mike. Hope you're doing great.

My question for you would be :

Are you interested in performing big orchestral arrangements like End.>Vacuum. or Forced Curvatures 

in an Incubus show at some point? or are you intentionally keeping both "lines of work" apart?

I do hope someday you decide to take a step further into the epic realm you already are in, and finally blow our heads off for good. :D

Cheers, enjoy, and happy 1st HQ Anniversary. 


great question. I want to hear more orchestral collaborations kinda like runaway train.

great question.

How old were you when you learned to play the guitar? Were you a "prodigy" (as you so obviously are now...) or did take years of formal lessons to become the master you've become?


My question for you is, what goes into the bands thought process when putting together set lists each night? Do you guys keep track of what you've been playing on tour or what you have played at that gig in years past? Thanks for taking the time for our questions!

Dillon Keen

Hey Mike, just wondering what you look for in picking your guitars to use in the studio or on the road; and if you had a chance, would you ever have your own signature guitar on the market?

Thanks Jesse S

I'd also like to know this.

Mike, if you could play live on stage with anyone in the world (other than your fellow incubus members) who would it be?

Big fan of your guitar work.  I play guitar in a band myself, wondering how you keep things fresh?  I find myself writing songs that sound very similar because I play the way I'm most comfortable with.  How did you expand your guitar horizons and not stay dormant in things such as pentatonic scales? 

How long does it usually take you to write music for a song?

What inspires your music?

Who inspired you to pick up your first guitar?

Do you have any current influences?

Hi Mike! You guys have performed at so many amazing places around the world, and have probably been asked a lot which one you played that you loved the most. My question is, is there any particular concert/performance by any artist you wished you had performed instead or been on stage with? Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

Cheers and Happy Anniversary HQ! :D

Is there an instrument which you dont know how to play, which you would love to learn?



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