HQ Anniversary Video Chat Questions - DJ Kilmore

Mike, Kilmore, Jose and Brandon will be doing separate video chats over the course of the HQ Anniversary party, and they'll be answering your questions straight from the internet. To cut down on the amount of confusion going on in the chat room while they're live, we will be pulling the best questions from this thread to ask them on-air.

This thread is for questions for DJ Kilmore only.

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Hey Chris!

Which instrument do you enjoy playing more - the turn-tables or the keyboard? Also, do you think Incubus's album 'If Not Now, When?' needs more turn-table action? (... I do). And lastly, what's your favourite Incubus song to play live?

Thanks x

Hey Chris, thanks for taking the time out for us all! I met you before the Brisbane show with my mate Tate, after the meet and greet we couldn't get over the length of your dreads. How long exactly are your dreads? you must be getting close to a world record! 

Thanks for everything, I love your work!

Cameron 16yrs, Brisbane Australia

Hi Chris Kilmore,

here's my question for you....



Maria P, Los Angeles, CA

Hi Chris!


I was at the show in Tokyo and had the best time ever! Thank you so much for coming back to Japan again.

It seems that you went a lot of places and had fun in different local areas in Tokyo the most of all the Incubus members.


So my question is, "where was your favorite place to spend time in Tokyo?"


Hope you're doing great! LOVE. YOU.


Before you guys go onstage, do you guys have a ritual before walking out to play a concert?

Would you rather be a mouse stalked by a cat OR be a rabbit spotted by a hawk?

Melinda Guerrero from San Diego

Hey Chris, my question is: Where is your favourite place in the world?

You can take that any way you like! Love from Rowena

Heya, Chris! Chydie here from Incunesia. I made it out of Cambodia alive like you said I would. Hahaha. My question is; I'm starting to take an interest to learn how to DJ. What tools do I need as a beginner DJ? Thanks, Chris!

Hi kilmore,

as you know Incubus Italian fan community have a web radio.


when will you be our guest?

I know that Rennman talk you about it.

we broadcast every sunday evening. (midday in LA)

We are waiting you for put some records on air!  :)


with love

Valentina - Italy

If you had to make a rap song about Incubus, what would you say?

Hi Chris !

I saw in an interview that you speak french....  So, for all the french fans could you please leave a message in french ?

And nice to see you again in France on july 1st ! ;-) Thanks for coming !


Hi Chris!!! This is Katrina from Manila (Philippines) and if you still hadn't known, we can't wait to have you guys back... SOON!!!

We're so grateful to you for sharing us your own tunes lately. Are there a lot of solo projects or collaborations that you've been doing too lately?

Also, traveling across the globe in different continents for the past year, what's been your recent favorite/memorable experience and place?

I'l really looking forward to seeing you guys play again. If only I can go really soon! But for now, I'm sending you the warm hug from halfway across the world walking through the desert, climbing through the mountains, swimming in the ocean, and traveling through time. Love and Light!!!

Chris, I just wanted you to know that I saw you guys in Sydney in Feb and you were ridiculously amazing! You inspired my dreads!



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