HQ Anniversary Video Chat Questions - DJ Kilmore

Mike, Kilmore, Jose and Brandon will be doing separate video chats over the course of the HQ Anniversary party, and they'll be answering your questions straight from the internet. To cut down on the amount of confusion going on in the chat room while they're live, we will be pulling the best questions from this thread to ask them on-air.

This thread is for questions for DJ Kilmore only.

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My question for you is, it seems that you're quite the 'jack of all trades' when it comes to instruments. How do you feel your role in the band has developed over time and what are some of your favorite songs to play live? The video that Jose posted of "Privilege" you kill it on the keys in the intro!!!

Thanks for taking time out for us fans!


What's your favorite instrument to play?

Are there any instruments you'd like to bring in to the mix that you haven't already introduced?

Hi Kil.

What species of being is Yoda?

Who shot first?

Much love.


1. Before you used Serato, did you make multiple copies of your vinyl with the samples you used since I'm sure they got a beating being used on tour. And if so, what did you do with all that old vinyl?

2. Your samples over the years have been very unique, and I have never been able to find any sources for these samples. Do you sample actual songs, or do you have an idea for what you want to play in the song and then with your audio expertise, create the sound you want and insert it into the song?

3. If Incubus could cover any song that featured you prominently on the piano, what song would you want to play?

4. Do you ever get the urge to bust out your old vinyl and scratch old school style?

5. Have you ever thought about making a personal streaming video channel and just mix random music stuff live when you're bored?

6. Favorite Star Wars movie and character?

Dear DJ Kilmore,

There is a sound at the beginning of the track Zee Deveel that fascinates me. I think it's one of your samples? It kind of sounds like some kind of breathy gritty ringing bell. I would really LOVE to  know what that sound is made by, if you have any idea at all.

On a related note, where do all those weird-noise samples you have come from? Do you make them yourself?



How do you continue to amaze me more and more on every record? Does it get tiring kicking so much ass all the time? Must be exhausting...

When is your CD coming out?

Dear Chris,


You've always had dreadlocks, have you ever consider cutting them? 



Elmhurst, NY 

ditto. i got the same qs to chris.

Newmark or Technics? And why?

Hey everyone!!

I've been listening to your music since 1999 and you're still my favorite band.  That says a lot to me considering how many different types of music and how many bands I listen to.  Alright, just wanted to get that out of the way, onto my question haha.  

Every album you put out has a distinctly different sound.  I started off listening to S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and it's still my favorite album.  Would ever go back to heavier style of playing like S.C.I.E.N.C.E. or Make Yourself?  

 P.S.  Summer Romance and Deep Inside are incredible songs!

band or artist guilty pleasure?? when did you start listening to them??

-Val from San Jose, Costa Rica



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