Mike, Kilmore, Jose and Brandon will be doing separate video chats over the course of the HQ Anniversary party, and they'll be answering your questions straight from the internet. To cut down on the amount of confusion going on in the chat room while they're live, we will be pulling the best questions from this thread to ask them on-air.

This thread is for questions for Brandon Boyd only.

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Brandon, do you still smoke weed at all? Do you find it helps in your creative process or hinders it? -Toni

When you're writing the lyrics of a song. What do you do to find the rigth word to express your idea? Please give me some advices.

Kisses and greetings from Chile

Hey Brandon, I drew you a portrait and gave it to Renman during HQ Live last year. Did you happen to get it? It was rather small, probably 8in. by 8in.



Are there any songs that you get sick of people requesting you to sing? Any favorite songs that have deep meaning to them?

Dear Brandon:

What is your favorite movie, and why? A

And finally... why are you so damn handsome?

Be happy... with love


If you could only listen to one song in the world what would it be and what does this song mean to you?


Lots of love from across the pond, Anna.

If we have fan mail, or stories to share in our case where do we send them???

brandon, what is your opinion about KONY2012?

Hello Brandon, I admire your husky exterior. This is more of a question for The Lead Singer of Incubus rather than Brandon Boyd but umm, are you team Edward? or Team Jacob?

And more of a personal question, do you prefer Halo: Reach with or without bloom?

-Ethan Grimes

Do you remember singing this remix of "Are You In" in 2003 at the Bridge School Benefit in Cali? http://youtu.be/NL4TVCoPyxg .  This song is enough to create a baby boom..

whoa! Thanks for posting! :)

Hi Brandon,

Seeing as Incubus has been around for 20+ years and having just celebrated another birthday last month, my question is, how has your life been different than what you'd imagined? Since no one knows what path life will take them in, it's interesting to wonder where you thought you'd be in life at this point versus where the journey has actually taken you. Thanks! And can't wait to see what else you and Incubus have instore for us!

Love you,



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