Mike, Kilmore, Jose and Brandon will be doing separate video chats over the course of the HQ Anniversary party, and they'll be answering your questions straight from the internet. To cut down on the amount of confusion going on in the chat room while they're live, we will be pulling the best questions from this thread to ask them on-air.

This thread is for questions for Brandon Boyd only.

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 Who are your literary influences (if any)?

Peace and Love,


Dear Brandon, Where do you get your inspiration in art? What is your most embarrassing moment you've ever had? What is your favorite question you liked to get asked and why?

Love and Peace,


  Hi Brandon!!!

  My Q for ya, is it tough being a badass? haha.. who is ur favorite (art) artist and who inspires you the most?


Hi Brandon,

I was very fortunate enough to see you and your band mates perform for the first time at the Hollywood Bowl in October…you guys were amazing!  Looking forward to seeing you all again in May at The Joint in Vegas.  In regards to the intimate concert you gave at the IncubusHQ last summer to kick off your current tour, are there any plans in the works to perform there again to end your tour? Also, do you have any future plans to tour on your solo project The Wild Trapeze?  If not, please consider… Thanks for your time!  Love, Olivia

Hi Brandon!


My question for you is: can you describe the most difficult time the band has ever been in and how you persevered through it? 


Thanks, Jimmy Moon

Dear Brandon,

Almost 20 pages of questions for you already and I have at least as many questions in my head that I’d like to ask you too. About your life, your music, your inspiration, your philosophies… But I’m grabbing this opportunity for something else. I’m gonna ask you a small favor. No guts, no glory, right?

One year ago, I met someone that changed my life. Because he changed my heart. For many years, my heart had been locked and it seemed like someone holding the right key just wouldn’t stop by anymore. But I was wrong. I’ve known love in my life, but only in that very moment (some weeks before I turned 33) I understood all that has been said, sung and written about ‘love at first sight’. About knowing your souls have met before. About nothing being coincidence. And while getting to know each other and spending days together when possible (which was hard as he lives in Italy and I live in The Netherlands), I also came to understand about Real Love.  It’s like only then I felt how it was to be complete. Like a little part of a puzzle had always been missing before, without me realizing it. We found out we shared a big musical passion already pretty soon: he dedicated your song ‘I Miss You’ to me and ‘Monuments and Melodies’ were the words my heart was speaking to him. I actually come from a dance music background; I’ve been a raver for many years. But in this period, it was YOUR music that felt the closest to me. It still does.

Unfortunately, ‘all that is gold does not glitter’. Only one heart got unlocked. His puzzle was only still  consisting of unsorted pieces. Although he cared, it wasn’t the right time for him and he felt the distance more than I did (for me it didn’t even exist, as he was in my heart and as close as could be). Either way, there was something I still wanted to share with him and that was your concert. Your music. But he got ill when you played in Milan (where I was supposed to go as well) and when I decided to go alone then to see you in Amsterdam, Mike got ill.

Brandon, on the 10th of July Incubus will come back to Holland and of course I hope you’ll all be in great health and come to rock our capital. I bought 2 tickets. Hope dies last, I guess… I understand this isn’t a typical question for a video-chat about your music, but I hope you can feel the love in my message and could dedicate some words to this man who made me understand what true happiness is about. His name is Nico, he’s a singer too and he’s just the most wonderful thing I ever bumped into.

Could you tell him that he’s welcome to enjoy your music in Amsterdam? I know how bad he felt when he had to cancel that night in Milan due to illness. It’s an open invitation: if he doesn’t come, he’ll be with me anyway. He always is. He’s in my heart forever.

If, in all the madness you’re probably in right now for this videochat, you had the chance to read this message I’m already grateful. I’m grateful for your existence anyway. Your music meant and still means a lot to me and I’m very happy you’re coming back to Amsterdam. See you the 10th, hopefully accompanied by someone ‘that does something to me, that I can’t explain…’

Love and hugs,


okay lets see:

Any newfound music you're been enjoying lately? books as well?

Any opinion on this Kony 2012 trend?

In Saratoga Springs during the MYF m&g you took a Twizzlers black licorice from me, even though you apparently dislike Twizzlers, and I know it's a long shot that you'd remember, but did you ever eat it? I've been wondering since September.

Dear Brandon,

Do you think you will ever do a follow up to the Wild Trapeze? I definitely thought it was one of the best solo releases out there!



What has been the best part of being in Incubus? How does it feel knowing you've made so many people's lives better with the music you guys put out?

Hi Brandon,

 What type of space do you like to be in when you write lyrics?  

 Your songs are so inspiring, and I wonder if they come to you as you are

experiencing life, or if you sit down and reflect to write them.

 And, what music do you listen to that inspires you to write and to paint?

hello b, you fluffy cotton candy (the pink one)

today is women's day (like almost every day, hehehe..) but hey...what would you like to say to all women out in the universe? especially today.

unicorns, love, licorice twists, hugs and a big wet kiss for ya


Dear Brandon,

are you intending to come to Brazil this year?



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