Mike, Kilmore, Jose and Brandon will be doing separate video chats over the course of the HQ Anniversary party, and they'll be answering your questions straight from the internet. To cut down on the amount of confusion going on in the chat room while they're live, we will be pulling the best questions from this thread to ask them on-air.

This thread is for questions for Brandon Boyd only.

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I asked you in Monterey if you have ever thought about drawing a tattoo as a MYF auction item? Any thoughts on that? If I didn't win it, at least I'd feel good about all the money that was raised from it.

Dear Brandon,

    I am deeply inspired by the music and lyrics that you guys create.  You write true poetry, and I just have to thank you for being such a role model for me in the arts.  I too enjoy crafting art in the mediums you do, with the addition of playing the harp.

     I have three questions:

     1. Who are your biggest role models in the arts from singing to painting?

      2. What is your process in creating art in all the mediums you work with?

      3. (Before I ask the last question, you need to know why I'm asking. I am auditioning for The Voice. There is an a capella round, in which I choose to sing Promises, Promises.  The last round is the one on TV where I might sing for the four star judges.  If I make it to the live show, I choose Adolescents.)

      Can you give me a few words of advise before I attempt to sing these masterful songs, and please explain them so that I may understand the message behind the art from the creator of it himself?


       "...a fan of yours" ;-)

            Marina Hoy

Hi, Have you any plans in the future of coming to Australia or around the world with your art? I look up to the creative visions in your work both written and visual art, which in turn inspires me further in my lyrics and photography, so it would be fantastic to take it all in in person one day.

Hope alls well and thankyou again for signing my lyrics book at the Melbourne 8th feb show this year. 'Write on' as you wrote was a wonderful addition to my jottings!

Julia Dunwoodie, Echuca, VIC, Australia.

Hey, Brandon.

Chydie here from Incunesia. I'm just wondering if there's any progress on your upcoming third book? And would a bit of Baelyn be in it? Would love to see her in your book. I think the energy that you give each other is beautiful and sharing it with the world would bring a wonderful light about freedom to love, without giving any name to it other than love. OK, that's all the mushy talk I can muster. Haha.

PS: I owe you a hot ginger drink. Remind me to give it to you when you come back to Indonesia. :)

Dear Brandon,

are you going to write a novel or publish a new art book?


with love

Valentina - Italy

Hi Brandon, I admire very much your job, it's amazing , congratulations! I'd like to know what's your inspiration for to draw, painting and write songs? Are you still surfing? 

Hi Brandon! feel good?!
whis to know wich is the meaning, for you, of Isadore! 'cause this song is....a "monuments and melodies" of my life...and because..."iiiiiiiiiiiiii-innnn the end"......my name is Erika ;)



Brandon, how does it feel to be in your mid thirties? 


Sabrina, almost 34 ;-)

Hi Brandon!
If you had to turn Incubus (at least what they mean to you) into a painting of yours, how would you do it?

Hi Brandon. Are you sure that you are vegan?
If you are so, I 'd like to  know the reason.
For your  health, against cruelty animals, or other reasons?

I'm not the vegan at the moment, but trying to be vegitarian against cruelty animals.
Could you please tell us What you eat and why.

hello brandon, i have one question for you, can you explain why you chose the seeing eye for tatoo? do you have a special reason for it?

Hey Brandon. I wondered if there's a song of you, which you don't really like playing anymore? Which you played too much in the past so you got sick of it? ;)
And how do you choose songs for the setlists for every concert?
Keep going!
Xoxo Johanna, Germany 

Btw, love your drawings, I need one of the Hurley Hope Campaign Shirts! :D 



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