Its been almost a year since Incubus started the HQ. And I think we need to have a party to celebrate. Something online, and something fun, and something personal. So I thought it might be fun if some of the Incubus fans who've sent me countless emails letting me know how much the HQ has meant to them would film a short video testimonial and share your feelings with other fans. What do you think? 

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Here is Andy Lazaro's HQ Anniversary video (he's working hard right now he's got 2 Incubus shows in Vegas and one in Valley Center to pay for haha) I met Andy through HQ and he is amazing! He attended every HQ Live show and at least 4 concerts last year and is all set for this year! Rock on Andy!

Well, here's mine, for better or for worse! 

You definitely have to chose one of my pictures , I was one of the first to arrive , the gril with brandon's signature tattoed in my wrist , the first to be called in the ruffle ( thanks to you Renman ) and I crye because I didnt get a picture with Brandon but I did with the rest , I love this guys and the last to leave , I was outside with Ben , I even went to Vegas and saw them and Ben in his mini show, I'm even getting married in september and guess what song is going to be our song. Echo. Since 1999 and for ever. hoping to one day getting my picture with Brandon. <3 I'll send the pics ;)

OK so I didn't have a glass of wine.... but I worked up enough courage to sit in front of a webcam for a minute. 

Incubus music means the world to me but Incubus HQ brought it to a whole other level by letting me connect with others. Hope you enjoy it. 

So glad you did it Mel :) It was great and a shoutout to you as well my Incufriend <3

Excuse my English my first language is Spanish ;)

Here's something from the girls of the Incubus Street Team Philippines :) We had a blast making this video 

Hi everyone, here is the video we made with some members of the HQ France (with a wink to a movie, I don't think it's necessary to say more about it)  :)

here's my video i made with another fan and friend i met through HQ!

And I also wanna say I love Incubus HQ!!!
Here's my video:



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