Its been almost a year since Incubus started the HQ. And I think we need to have a party to celebrate. Something online, and something fun, and something personal. So I thought it might be fun if some of the Incubus fans who've sent me countless emails letting me know how much the HQ has meant to them would film a short video testimonial and share your feelings with other fans. What do you think? 

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Ciaaaao Steve! We're working for you

that's great, Steve! do you have a deadline? i hope to do it this weekend :)

Hope it's not too late, I just got mine done!


Awesome Chris. Thanks for the nice comments. That means a lot to all of us. Cheers-Ren

morning briefing ^___^

Yeah is there a deadline for this? Will make one! :)

this is my little thought for all of you. sorry for my english...I tried to do my best:)

Hi Ren! this is the video i made 4 you! enjoy!

Italian powa x3

I know I wandered off the point, but that's my humble contribution. Enjoy!

I'm gonna get on this now myself fuck it It's been way to good a year not to.



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