Its been almost a year since Incubus started the HQ. And I think we need to have a party to celebrate. Something online, and something fun, and something personal. So I thought it might be fun if some of the Incubus fans who've sent me countless emails letting me know how much the HQ has meant to them would film a short video testimonial and share your feelings with other fans. What do you think? 

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24h brienfing, broadcasting from different places of the world!

Post it on Youtube and put a link right here.

Such a great idea :) 

a whole day briefing :D :D

Fantastic! (☆_☆) キラーン!!

Sounds awesome :)

I would love to do this, Ren!

Sure, I"ll do it!! Just give me a few minutes to make myself presentable!

Dori on why she loves Incubus HQ

There you go! Not very long, but it's to the point :)

Great video!

I'll do, but I want a Morning Briefing to celebrate this day!!!!!!!!

please we miss you !!

This is great!  ;))



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