Its been almost a year since Incubus started the HQ. And I think we need to have a party to celebrate. Something online, and something fun, and something personal. So I thought it might be fun if some of the Incubus fans who've sent me countless emails letting me know how much the HQ has meant to them would film a short video testimonial and share your feelings with other fans. What do you think? 

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Nice :)!

I just wanted to say hello everyone!  Thank you incubusHQ for letting us connect to the band in this fashion. <3

i want a huge group picture of HQ members if that would be possible haha :)

I agree completely! :D

This is a great idea, Jefe! Perhaps we can merge this party with Cici's "Are You In? - Part 2" Party currently scheduled for March 9th. I can definitely attest to the fact that the HQ has not only brought me closer to the band, but to the greater Incubus fan community in my area as well as abroad.

What about an anniversary morning briefing?

yeahhh A morning Briefing with Us  is Better ...

yeah... Morning Briefing 

Im counting on that Morning Briefing Ren!!! I'm even skipping a final to be at home all day!!!

It's a good idea!!!:))))

Very good idea!

Whoa! Time is running faster and faster



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