sooooo pre-sale in 1 hour and I'm getting kinda worried b/c I still am not 100% sure how to order tickets.  I've got the album presale ticket code, and I'm assuming that there'll be another code for my specific concert day (Sept 13th in Virginia Beach), but where do you buy the tickets w/ the code?   I have no idea where to use these codes at and must knowwww because it's getting too close to sale time.  LiveNation shows that the "Fan Club" presale will go on at 10am today but I'm unsure if there's something special I would have had to do to see these presale tickets, or if there's just a link that opens up on that page.


What I'm kind of disappointed in is the album preorder confirmation email that has the presale ticket code never fully explained how/where to use the code, but I guess it's because it's different for all venues/box offices.  Haha this is just a general panic because in the past I've been to one of their shows where the tickets sold out in 6 minutes after opening and even though I was furiously clicking refresh (to get through) it sold out but luckily my friend got in quick enough to get me a ticket too.  I don't want to miss a good seat this time due to being unable to find out how to use the presale code.  


thanks for reading

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Hi Geoff,


if you RSVPed for your venue here on the HQ and have set your account to receive emails and updates and stuff, you should receive or have received an email with the specific information (a link and a password to fill in on the page the link leads you to to have access to the presale tickets.) As for the Sony presale password I think it should work the same way.


Go look at for further information or send a mail to Lauren Clay as a Private message, to see if you can get the Presale Information from her for your specific area.


Hope it all works out for you.

yah i RSVP'd but I think the email settings were set to receive notifications shit I didn't even think about that before hand.  thanks, i'll try to send her a msg and see if she sees it in the next 23 minutes haha, soooo close to presale time, stress building

GOT TICKETS FOR THE PIT!  WWWOOOO!!!!  to me this is much better than having to sit down!!!!!!! FUCKK YEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!! (this all deserves exponentially growing ! marks haha)


so the Sony preorder album code worked for the LiveNation site ticket presale without any issues.  got them the second it turned 10am haha.  man i'm relieved and amped now

Congrats on that Geoff.



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