how do you join the fan club to get the presale info? I thought I WAS a fan club member, but never got a code in the mail.....any suggestions?????

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Hello Julie,

In order to get the Presale Codes, you'll have to RSVP at the specific gig/concert date in the Tour Section of IncubusHQ. Please read this for elaboration:

There is no 'fanclub', as the whole of IncubusHQ is a community in of its own. However, there are country/state Groups in the groups section you can join to converse with those living in the same area as you. And that's as "far in" as it goes.

I hope I've answered your question. There are other posts regarding this, and you may want to look through them before posting a new thread in the event you have further queries. You can also always try the Chat section to ask around - always a handful of helpful members in there :) Or send a direct message to one of the moderators. We'll try our best to handle your concerns.

Thank You for Your Interest Julie and Enjoy HQ :)
sketchwish (Moderator)



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