Does anyone know who's closing out the night on the honda civic tour incubus or linkin park? I'm just wondering cause i always try to see incubus when they come around but i'm just debating on if i'm gonna make the trip because i really don't want to see linkin park 

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Incubus plays before Linkin Park every night.  Since it is a co-headlining tour, they each are playing full 90min sets though.  Plus Mutemath as opener, those 3 bands well worth the ticket price IMO.

Mute Math plays first, followed by Incubus, then Linkin Park is closing out the night. Incubus played 18 songs on the first night of the tour. 

Hmmm, this seems to have been added a long time ago. In Michigan Linkin Park headlined. It was a little frustrating. I had called the venue the day of the show to find out exactly what you're asking here, and was told that Incubus was playing second after Mute Math and they would be going on stage at 8:50. Anyway... We walked in at 7:50 and Incubus had already been playing for an hour! OUCH! It is sill stinging, and probably will for a long time :( On a good note though. It seemed that most of the people there had come to see Linkin Park. The crowd was lame, if I had gotten there more than 10 minutes before they finished I could have been in the front row the whole show DAMNIT! Good luck yourself though! I'll bet the show you were talking about here has been over for like a week and a half LOL! Sorry!



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