My Discussion topic for today is, would you see Incubus in holographic form? Most of you know about the Tupac Shakur Hologram (A.K.A HollaPac) who 'played' at Cochella this year and It got me wondering. Someday many many many MANNNNNNY years from now our favorite boys will be in a better place. So hypothetically speaking, when that time comes would you pay money to see a incubus as so? And with that being said ARE holograms the future of music?

I want to know what you think.

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I would probably be gone as well haha. But to respond to your question..

   More than to pay to see them play and have a hologram concert, i think i would only pay once to watch them and live the experience of that. I don't think its something that i personally would enjoy much...Maybe it's that fact that i know its just a projection pretty much. If i would still be alive i probably would just keep watching all the live shows i have recorded and so on. When it comes to Hologram concerts i think its just another way to make money and im sure a lot of people like that "technology". I really hope that Holograms is not the future of concerts because there is nothing better than actually seeing a real band on stage..

With that said. Yes on watching incubus once on hologram thats about it and no on it being the future of shows.

Very true, nothing could ever compare to the real thing as far as a concert experience goes. I feel if holograms become popular within entertainment it would mostly be an attempt for record companies to make more money just for the sake of making money. Then again, a few of my friends feel holograms mixed with music mediums are entirely a different aesthetic / a new art. So is this an insult to the original artists or a tribute? 

 Well there must be some sort of agreement between record companies and bands before the whole hologram comes into play for any artist. If the band is still up and running and they run a hologram show then its an insult to the fans (core ones anyways) and if they are not well i can see it being a tribute. Bottom line is that i dont think its something that can be done on "tour" level. Plus imagine how it would feel for the really closed family members to see their loved ones being hologram everywhere. I think hologram of dead people are creepy haha. I love the whole 2pac on stage with Snoop and Dre because im a huge fan of their movement in hip hop. Not soo much the music but at least i got to see all of them on stage i guess. But i must admit it was really creepy haha.

NO WAY! If you wann pay for an hollogram, you'd better watch a dvd from one of their real performance

It would be too weird for me to see them as holograms, so I'm gonna say no. I dont really think holograms are the future of music, but maybe there will be a couple/few more artists ressurected that way.

Part of the whole reason of going to concerts is to see them in flesh and blood, to watch them interact with the crowd, to feed off our energy and hear/feel their energy and heart going into the performance. I'm not going to pay to what I can do from home for much cheaper and more comfortably by buying a dvd or equivalent.

I so agree with you Emu

It's a good question but I would not pay to see an hologram concert. I prefer to see them live, feel their energy, listen to BBoyd's voice live, that is so gourgeous, so great and so perfect :)
For a hologram concert, I prefer to buy a DVD live from some Incubus concert and watch it over and over again :D 



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