I'm new to this page, and I feel weird about adding content I don't own. Basically, I want to add content of the band: pics of them, personal covers of their songs. However, I am TERRIBLE with electronic/technological mediums. 

If this gives some perspective on my confusion...I have never upgraded from a flip phone, and never will get a smart phone or an iphone or any of that stuff. 

I have read the guides on how to use the page, but I would just like to talk to someone who knows Incubus, and has been on this site for much longer than I have. I'm generally long-winded, so I'm trying to make this short and sweet.

 Best description of my dilemma: Onegai shimasu! <-- Aikiweb!

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Hi Devin,

Thank you for joining IncubusHQ :)

It can be a slight ambiguity at times, because you want to choose your favorite photos for your profile page and we understand. The HQ User guide is a great start, as you've mentioned above.

Got an Incubus cover that you've uploaded to youtube? You could post it in the 'Videos' section Or share with others in the 'Covers' forum. Feel free to look up Incubus covers done by some members in the videos section.

If it's audio-only - you could add it to your profile page, then let us know in the Incubus Chat or post in the 'Covers' forum to inform others of it.

Well, not everyone uses a smartphone and it is okay to be unsure. Learn something new every day :)

What else can we help you with, Devin?

Enjoy Incubus,


Thank you, so much! That is all for now, but I will be contacting you and the other Moderators for more info in the future. 

I'm visiting my friends in Blacksburg, and working on covering Anna Molly. If we are any kind of successful, I will send you the video! Thanks, again, man!

that sounds incredible!

Love 'Anna Molly's tempo and "quick turns" through-out. All the best w/ that cover, looking forward to hearing it. If not, no sweat :)



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