Renman would like to know fans' opinion on an Incubus fan club that charges an annual fee for access to exclusive content.  He says so far the band has not supported this idea and has preferred to ask fans to spend money on MYF Meet and Greets rather than a fan club, but he also says it is something the band considers a lot and has talked about often.


I, personally, don't like the idea.  Not so much because I'm selfish and don't want to pay for this, but because I think it will cheapen the experience here on HQ.  I think a lot of what is getting us-the-fans excited about this is how open and accessible Incubus has been about this entire affair, and how we feel like THEY feel we have an inherent ... maybe not right but chance to be involved no matter our location around the world or financial situation.  I feel like this is very much merit-based rather than based on our material resources and I really like it.


Throw up your ideas, kids.

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no way. don't make no sense with incubus.
I don't like the idea of a paid membership. I agree in every aspecto of the article.

me neither. am not really into that paid membership. plus, some fans might think that it's all about the money. though in reality, it isn't, or shouldn't be.

wanna relate this to an incubus song>>when it comes:"what I want & what I need, is & will always be free."


yes, it doesn't feel much like an Incubus thing.


I don't like it

I think we should find a way to incorporate buying small things on this site that could all donate to MYF. 


For instance you can buy silly icons to give as "gifts" to people.  Now it would be great if all that money went to MYF instead of some company.  As for what else can be bought like that I'm not sure.  But maybe people could pay a few dollars to spruce up their personal pages or something with all proceeds going to MYF.   I'll let some marketing person think of better ideas though.


Not really a fan of paid membership though, and honestly as much as I love Incubus $350+ for a Meet and Greet is just to much money for me.  I would rather pay to see them 5 times =\

i agree with you, Lauren.  it wouldn't be the same if they went to the fan club idea like some other bands have done.  This is Incubus, dammit! : )
Please, don't get me wrong. I understand that Incubus is completely different from other bands. I love HQ, MYF and the access we already have to the band. I'm grateful for all of that. I asked that question this morning purely out of curiosity.

I like the idea of memberships, not necessarily the fees but the benefits of having access to presales to concerts.

I ALMOST paid $300 for tickets to see Incubus in Toronto in 2007. I'm pretty sure no one likes paying stubhub or scalpers triple the price of the tickets to get good seats. This could be a potential way of preventing scalpers from getting a hold of tickets too.
You could have paid that $300 to the MYF, though, and gotten a Meet and Greet and the assurances that the money was going to charity and not some scalper's pocket.  Or was that not offered in Toronto? o.O
Either it wasn't available... or I didn't know about MYF at that time. Scalpers are extra crazy in Toronto.

Lauren Clay said:
You could have paid that $300 to the MYF, though, and gotten a Meet and Greet and the assurances that the money was going to charity and not some scalper's pocket.  Or was that not offered in Toronto? o.O

I hate scalpers! why do they exist everywhere? :(


I have mixed feelings about paid membership... When I was younger, I was a member of Silverchair's official fan club, the Llama Appreciation Society (isnt that the best name ever for a fanclub? I love it!) for two or three years. They didn't have a virtual newsletter by then (it was the early 2000`s), so we would pay like 10 australian dollars a year and get paper newsletters by mail every other month, and it always came with a goodie inside - a post card, a personalized pen, a guitar pick with the band logo, a card holder, and even one day a rubber balloon with the fan club logo (it was useless, but so cool!). We would get access to an exclusive memorabilia store and presale of tickets, but not that many innovative ideas, the basic fan club stuff.

I'm a collector, so I thought it was really nice to get the newsletters and the goodies, and 10 bucks a year was a really fair price (it always amazed me how they pulled it off - they must have had a great partner for making personalized memorabilia). But time has passed and things have changed - with the internet, there's no need for a paper newsletter, people interact much more online now. And I don't know if people value those small gifts in a fanclub anymore. I'm a kid inside, so I still love it hahaha... But then, Incubus has this great side that is the connection with Make Yourself Foundation and the objective of donating for charity whenever possible (what silverchair never had). So I always thought that this idea of small goodies wouldn't cut it for incubus fans as well.


So if the paid membership is in a reasonable price, if it is connected to the MYF and offers something different and worthy for people, I think it would be a good idea.

Don't worry folks. We have no plans for a paid fan club type of thing. HQ is free and that's the way it will stay.



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