I am so sad that they shut down Enjoy Incubus.  I have been on the site loyaly since 2007 and made some great friends on there.  Most have come and gone but one friend who really has become a good friend to me.I will miss all the fun we had and hope we will still be able to communicate.  I had over 2,800 posts, I think the most anyone had at the closing.  Its like a friend just died.  Rest in Peace Enjoy Incubus!

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Do not fret as this community is just as awesome with just as awesome people.  Embrace the integration as now you get to meet even MORE people who share your interests!  Welcome to HQ :)

Thanks Tom, how about being my friend?  I've got a lot to try to make.  I know this site is very huge with people in great #'s from everywhere.  Its a little overwhelming cause i had EI in the palm of my hand.  I'll probably screw up on here a bit....posting is backwards from what the other site was.  Hope i don't look too stupid! lol Cheers!

Well don't forget about the Chat room where you really get to interact and meet people. 


A lot of people are always nervous to start chatting but that's normal and you'll see after a while everyone is just chill ass mother f'ers.  Just have fun.



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