Did you did like Incubus from the second you heard a song by them?

I have to admit...I didn't. I was watching a playlist on MTV and they played Drive, but I didn't really like it. As days went on, the song grew on me and grew on me until I loved it! Incubus is now my favorite band and always will be! So I have a question for you...have you liked Incubus from the second you heard them, or did they just grow on you until they were your favorite band?

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The first song I ever heard of theirs was Privilege when it was included in some MTV snowboarding game. Loved the track instantly and played the game endlessly just to hear that song. But before LG came out and we only had the singles, I absolutely hated Love Hurts (still can't listen to it) and Anna Molly was kinda meh for me so I didn't get the album. Like a year later I gave the whole album a chance and I absolutely loved it and regretted not getting it earlier. Anna Molly grew on me and is one of the coolest songs live. So to answer your question: yes and no :)

Hi Hannah! Drive was the first Incubus song I remember hearing as well - oddly enough, I was driving! I cranked it up to eleven. Then I heard Dig & was enamoured. When Incubus played in concert shortly thereafter, I had to go. I've not missed seeing them play live nearby since, even when I was in recuperation from chemo & some thought it better if I didn't go; in fact, it was a major incentive for me to heal faster. I bought Light Grenades & then every Incubus cd I could find. I'll stick by them like velcro on a favourite horsehair sweater. So yes, I have loved Incubus from the second I heard them.

Guess ill rant on this. My friend had Make Yourself album back in the day when those CD wharehouses were doing the sign up and get the 13 free cds. So i borrowed it, and Pink Floyd of course, and i think litterally from the first song Privelege i was hooked. But i think when i heard "The warmth" i was blown away (no pun on lyrics). Sweet guitar effects, good lyrics, great message. Incubus has yet to dissappoint. I grabbed SCIENCE after that, remember i couldnt find Fungus and then every album after. I remember some of my friends saying Morning View was the best but i thought CLOTM was better, even though they looked like gangstas on the front cover. HA! So now im on to Adolescents, and Friends and Lovers being as im married with daughter. But they have been my favorite band since late 90s or whenever Make yourself was released. Gotta see em in concert again and this time not from the nosebleed section.

First song I heard was Drive, around the time it was first getting radio play. I was like 10 and remember enjoying that song. It was the time that the radio was my only source of music, and when I only listened to top 40 hits. As I got older and listened to alternative rock radio, I got more exposure to Incubus. It wasn't until like three years ago that I noticed how amazing their songs were. So to answer your question, Incubus grew on me.

I have to say that from the moment I heard them for the first time around 2000 I was hooked!  Loved their sound & the fact that they are always changing things up!  This keeps their music very interesting to me! 

They are also a really cool bunch of guys & really down to earth!  They also do so much humanitarian work as well, how can you not love & respect these men!  I met them once & it was amazing!  Hope they tour again, I would love to see them again!  Another thing is they sound just as great live or even better then on disc!  Thanks Janelle 

the first song i listend to was nice to know you .... yes... my answer is yes!i have loved this band since the second they hit my ear drums. i have a connection to their music that runs deep. we ride the same frequency <3 my third eye is awake!! i love you incubus!

First song I heard from them was Drive, It was being played when I was in 8th grade. Then when I went on to 9th grade, I wanted to find some good music, and rock was popular back then. Wish you were here became the new single by incubus around 2001, i decided to check them out since I already knew their song Drive. I downloaded their makeyourself and morning view songs and from then on it was history. Been a fan ever since. wow, its been 10 years

Honestly the first time I heard a song by them I didn't pay it any attention.  I was in college and Pardon Me used to play on MTV all the time.  I never paid it any attention however.  Then I went on a road trip with my roommate and he was playing the CD and I instantly fell in love with the music.  Then Pardon Me came on and I was like oh shit this is the song I always turn from when the video comes on!  Been a fan ever since. 

The first time i've ever listened and the first song i've heard from Incubus was Drive, on a local radio. Loved them from the first time i've listened to them. Since then, i was always waiting for them to pass again on the radios cause i've just loved that amazing song and consequently amazing band. :)
It was about 13 years ago and since then Incubus are with no doubts my favourite band :D

This year i've seen them live for the first time in Madrid. That was for sure my favourite live show ever!! And i'm hoping to see them live again and again and again! :))



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